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Lady in Navy

A classic maxi dress is the perfect piece to bring on any kind of vacation. For my Cuban vacation, this Pink Stitch dress was the perfect and comfy dress to throw over my bikini or to accessorize and head on over to diner. 
Dress Pink Stitch | Sandals Zara | Necklaces H&M and ZinziCanada

For this late night supper look, I added my favourite silver necklace combo to add a bit of a rocker chic effect and to break down the girly vibe of this gorgeous Pink Stitch dress. 

Shop my dress in a multitude of colours here !


Converse My Converse

At the beginning of the month, I had the chance to attend the Converse even held in Montreal. 

I've worn Converse's since my teenager years and I was so ecstatic to see the new models from the Fall2014 collection.

The Converse Chuck Taylor AllStar collection is absolutely gorgeous. What more can you want than a pair of Converse's that are waterproof ?! These colors are to die for. The perfect pop to any all black outfit!
 Poutine was the perfect topping to a Converse filled room.
All in all Converse is an internationally loved brand and they never seem to disappoint.

Stay tuned for fashion posts with my fave pair of Converse's ;)


3.1 Phillip Lim x NARS

With this morning's colder weather in Montreal, I knew the period where I decked out my classic fall colors was approaching very fast.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the new collaboration between 3.1 Phillip Lim x NARS, an amazing range of nail polishes.
The 3.1 Phillip Lim x NARS collection features 8 limited edition shades including this gorgeous dark blue called Dark Room. The formula on this nail polish is so opaque yet so think and not gloopy. I am such a picky nail polish-formula-person, once it starts to thicken I throw it away. 

The 3.1 Phillip Lim x NARS in Dark Room is the perfect addition to my fall nail polish collection. Let's talk about that brush; I have small nails but this brush allows me to swipe once and be done with it, it applies like a dream. 

The Dark Room color is the perfect blue denim and this is with 2 coats, I would've done it with 1 coat, very opaque formula.
The 3.1 Phillip Lim x NARS nail polish collection retails for 23$ and can be found at your NARS retailers (Sephora, Hudson's Bay and Murale). 

Did you start wearing fall colors on your nails ? 


Midnight Stripes

Blazer Zara | Blouse H&M | Shorts Zara | Sandals Zara | Handbag Longchamp | Earrings EllandEmm

Once in a blue moon it's nice to add a bit of spice to the blog by featuring a nighttime outfit. Simple leather shorts go with absolutely everything, this time I added a baseball inspired blouse with heels and it's the perfect comfy outfit to dance all night.


Eye Candy

Once you have reached a certain age, little alarms on your face tend to wake you up and tell you to get on the eye cream train. Well, this alarm rang hard and loud this year around my birthday. I loved turning 25 but it seems that since the 25, I always want to turn 25. So that's what I am sticking to...25 plus...(insert year).

I have never worn eye creams in my life but I started to take care of that area for a year now and these are my accomplices every morning and every night.
I dipped in the world of eye creams last year and these are the A B C's of my wrinkle fighting team.

A. Roc Complete Lift Eye Cream: Key word is Lift. You can apply this cream day and night and it moisturizes the under eye area perfectly without feeling greasy or heavy. Perfect for summer and winter.

B. Origins GinZing Eye Cream: This is my favourite cream for the day, it has a little shimmer in the formula that instantly brightens under your eyes and acts as a perfect base for concealer.

C. Liérac Magnificience Yeux: I recently added this product to my collection and I apply it at night on top on my night cream. This new addition is my current love because of the easy application method, always a plus for a lazy girl ;)

Have you started using eye cream ? If, so, do you have any recommendations ?


Brand Focus : Make Up For Ever

Even though I bathe in all the beauty and the cosmetics for this blog and for the sole purpose of my happiness, there is always a couple of brands that remain new to me. What I love most is to try out a brand and test different products, because you can be satisfied with the foundation but very possible that you won't be able to deal with the lipsticks. 

A good well-rounded market research is always a good excuse ;)

Enter my Makeup Up ForEver discovery, the well-rounded brand founded by Dany Sanz. 
Many of you know Makeup Up For Ever for being the brand that most makeup artists start their career's with, well, Danny Sanz created the brand in in the 80's because she realised makeup artists did not have a great range of products to work with. 

I tested the brand...

1. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #42 Vermillion Red: I love me a good red lip, a good red lip that does not leak or feather and MUFE sure knows how to hold a good red lip.

2. MUFE HD Foundation #128: Now, this foundation has been deemed holy grail foundation by many and I can tell you that you definitely get the flawless face look with this product. 
3. MUFE Aquamatic Eyeshadow #ME50 Metallic Golden Taupe: The never ending love for the cream eyeshadow's in pen formula. I swear, I collect these (bad habit). They are the easiest way of looking put-together in a rush and believe me, in the morning, my beauty sleep is precious, every minute is counted. The MUFE Aquamatic applies like a dream and does not tug the eyelids while providing the perfect color. 

4. MUFE Aqua Cream in #15 Taupe: I am a sucker for any cream shadow and this formula does not disappoint. It stays on your lid all day and the color is beyond gorgeous. A definite product must-try from the MUFE family.

Makeup Up For Ever is sold at Sephora and is a definite brand that needs to be discovered by the casual makeup lover ;)


The Real Liner

If you know me, you know I love me a good cat-eye look with the perfect black line. Let's be honest though, it takes a while to get the hang of it and to master to liner situation. I've always been super picky on the products I use for my liner, from liquid to gel, that's sort of a pain in the bum because you need a brush and so...but this time I was very much surprised. 

Enter the Benefit They're Real push-up liner
A liner completely out of the ordinary, an actual gel liner in a pen format. The Benefit They're Real push-up liner is the cousin of the already fabulous Benefit They're Real Mascara, that remains on my top 5 all time best mascaras. 

Same family, same love !
The Benefit They're Real push-up liner is actually a gel consistency but super easy to use and my favourite part is that the pen format helps you apply your line super close to your lashes, for the perfect look.
One thing I should mention is that you need a strong makeup remover at the end of the day and the other cousin Benefit They're Real Remover does the job. 

You can find the whole Benefit They're Real familia at your local Sephora or Shopper's DrugMart.

Do you rock the black-liner look ? 


A Royal Revolution

I will be honest, the celebrity perfume trend has sort of died down...but nonetheless I'm the curious girl that always smells the new releases. This time, I had the sneak peek smell on the new Katy Perry Royal Revolution perfume. 

The Royal Revolution scent is a floral but sweet perfume which usually is right up my alley. The perfume is composed with some of my fave notes : pink freesia, pomegranate, mystical blackthorn, orange flower, velvety jasmine, sandalwood, soft musk and vanilla orchid. 

As soon as Vanilla is part of the notes of a perfume, I am usually sold. But can we just talk about the bottle, it looks like a genie's magic potion ;)

Keep your eyes out at your local Shopper's Drug Mart for this perfume, retailed at 59$.


Beach Bum

Kimono BrandyMelville | Shorts H&M | Cami AmericanApparel | Sunglasses Céline

Sometimes a good vacay is the perfect way to reset your mind and start a fresh new path in your life. I have been on the go since January and I truly needed a little time off to press pause and to enjoy life. Some time to put things on perspective and to reevaluate what makes you happy. 
What better way to enjoy life than to be on the beach with your better-half ?! 

I think I was meant to live next to a changes...maybe one day ;p

Enjoy !


Osheaga Essentials

Last Friday, I had the amazing opportunity of attending Osheaga and catching the amazing performance by Outkast. The experience was crazy but I was warned that you need some heavy duty products to last a full day. 
1. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Hot Plum : This lip color is not joke and stays on the your lips for so many hours without feathering, the perfect festival lip.

2. Maybelline Color Show Nailpolish in Rose Mirage : A little touch of glitter to some accent nails to nail the perfect festival manicure ;)

3. Garnier Fructis Style Hold and Flex Fexible Control Spray : You all know I love me a bun, messy or clean, a good old hairspray is what holds everything together for hours and hours. No Frizz included ;p

4. Garnier BB Eyes : In the summer I practically never wear concealer but some days you just need some. This BB cream of the eyes is the perfect light coverage for a hot summer day.

5. Maybelline Master Kajal : This liner helps you rock the perfect cat-eye winged liner and stays put until the wee hours of the night.

6. Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather in Creamy Beige : You know a cream eyeshadow will last you a good couple of hours, add this under any eyeshadow and you're covered for the whole day.

What were your Osheaga Essentials this year ? 

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