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Hi ! My name is Katia and I am a twenty-something Montreal girl that always had an infatuation with fashion and beauty. At a very young age, I was already flipping through Vogue, while watching my beloved grandmother sew her newest creation.

Many of you do not know this about me but my academic background is purely scientific. I am a Biology college teacher that has her heart split in half between her love for Biology and her obsession with Fashion & Beauty. My grandparents were my biggest role models and the loves of my life. To this day, I feel like my passions are the combination of their character.  One side influenced by the scientific eye of my grandfather and the other embedded by my grandmothers creative touch.

I started from the bottom, now I’m here (can you tell my love for some Drake) and I owe it all to my partners in crime : my sister and my boyfriend (the man behind the lens).

I created Lapiz of Luxury to display my take on affordable Fashion and Beauty mixed with high-end pieces. Luxury doesn't always need to be expensive ! Luxury is the confidence you project while walking down the street whether you are a size 0 or a size 10.

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