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Where to find swimsuits for the busty girls

Let's not kid ourselves, having a larger cleavage is not always a gift. I'm not here to complain about it but mostly to give all you girls some information on where I shop all my swimsuits. On the beach, I embrace my body, my curves and my bust but I want to make sure everything stays in place. After a couple of months of traveling and ending up on a beach (can't stop, won't stop), I've gathered my my favorite places to find a swimsuit for busty girls. Sooo many of you have sent me a DM, commented or even emailed me asking where I find my swimsuits, so here is my list: 

N'inventons pas des histoires, avoir une plus grande poitrine n'est pas toujours un cadeau. Je ne suis pas ici pour m'en plaindre mais surtout pour répondre à vos questions et informer les femmes sur les endroits où je retrouve facilement des maillots pour les filles avec des grandes poitrines. Je me sens super bien sur la plage, j'apprivoise mon corps, mes courbes et plus spécialement mon buste, mais je veux m'assurer que tout reste bien en place. Après quelques mois de voyage et finissant toujours un peu sur une plage (je ne peux pas m'arrêter, je n'arrêterai pas), j'ai rassemblé mes maillots de bain préférés et mes endroits préférés où trouver un maillot de bain pour les filles avec une plus grande poitrine.

1. Old Navy & Gap

2. La Vie en Rose

I've gathered many other swimsuits that are either already in my shopping cart or on my wish list:

If you have any other good retailers that sell amazing and stylish swimwear for us busty ladies, do share, because I am clearly already planning another trip in the sun ;) 

Si vous connaissez d'autres magasins qui vendent des maillots pour les femmes avec de bonnes poitrines, n'hésitez pas à partager, car vous savez que j'organise déjà mon prochain voyage au soleil ;) 


How to spend 4 days in Tulum - City Guide

This year, I had a very very special birthday for my big 3-0. I got woken up at 1am by my sister and my boyfriend and they told me I had an hour to pack my suitcase because we were leaving to the airport to a special destination. Until I stepped foot in the airport, I had no idea where I was going. Little did I know I was going to cross off a city from my bucket list: Tulum. I've been dying to go to Tulum for years and my sister, my boyfriend and my amazing family made it all happen. They booked an Airbnb and a car and the rest was planned an hour before our flight by yours truly ;) I told you, I've been holding on to a list for Tulum for years. I received soooo many direct messages on Instagram that I decided to share with you exactly how to spend 4 days in Tulum. 
Firstly, the best way to discover Tulum in my opinion is by living in the pueblo (the village) and renting a car. You can then have access to everything on your own schedule and not depend on anybody. When you are 2 or more this way of discovering Tulum is honestly the best. Tulum is a small city in Mexico that consists of a paradisiac beach, a small little town, ruins, amazing restaurants, cenotes and so much more. We rented an amazing Airbnb owned by french couple that have been living in Tulum for years. When I travel, I really love to discover the local markets and restaurants and that they pointed us exactly in the right direction. Here is exactly how we spend our 5 day trip: 
Day 1
The drive from Cancun to Tulum is super easy and approximately 1h30 min. For those of you wondering about parking in Tulum when you rent a car, no worries, we found parking absolutely everywhere from the pubic beach, to the hotels, to the restaurants, you usually end up on the side of road and sometimes pay a dollar. Everyone is so chill and relax, no parking tickets ;) We arrived at our Airbnb and went straight to lunch at the corner street restaurant called Los Aguachilles, a recommendation from our hosts. Next stop, we had to hit the beach. Since it was almost sunset, we decided to visit the local beach in Tulum called Las Palmas. We finally ended our night as one of the many cool restaurants in Tulum called Gitano, really good food, a bit more pricey, the food was ok, you mostly go enjoy the decor and the whole vibe of the restaurant.
Day 2
Living at an Airbnb means you could hit the local grocery store and have a calm breakfast and coffee in the morning before starting your day! Then, we drove to the Coba Ruins, which is a 45 mins drive. During the drive to the ruins, you pass through small villages and these are the best spots to shop. From hamac stores, to leather bags and shoes, everything is made by the locals and most of the time you visit their studios directly. Arrived at the Coba Ruins, the area is huge, make sure you rent bikes to ride to the ruins and climb to the top for an amazing view of the jungle. Another 45 mins drive back to Tulum and straight to Coco Tulum, probably the most Instagrammed spot in Tulum. One thing you need to know, you can access the hotels for a full day, some of them ask you for a minimum of consommation, like Coco Tulum $25US or other others just ask you to buy something with no minimum required. Honestly, $25US for a full day at a breathtaking beach, lounge chairs, access to everything is pretty amazing in my opinion. We arrived there perfectly on time for lunch. Suppertime, we wanted to try a local restaurant, La Querida was on the list and it honestly was soooo good. Tacos, Quesadillas, Guacamole, tasty Margaritas, you name it! After walking for a couple of minutes in the Pueblo, you quickly realize that the locals in Tulum are mostly expats, Germans, Italians, Americans, who packed their bags and move to Tulum. 
Day 3
My love for brunch is so strong and Tulum is filled with amazing spots. We made our way to Raw Love Café which is situated in a hotel and I had the absolute best açai bowl. The restaurant is vegan and gluten free. On top of my Tulum list was Casa Maca, Pablo Escobar's old estate. Situated at the end of the hotel strip on the main road, it is very hard to find, but once you step foot in this house, you've stepped foot in Paradise. This hotel has the absolute best part of the beach, so calm, gorgeous and you only need to purchase drinks but we decided to have lunch and spend the whole day at this gorgeous hotel. At night, we discovered the prettiest restaurant called Mamasan, the decor and food in this place are amazing. We ended the night at Batey Bar which is known for the best mojitos in all of South America and they were SO so good. 
Day 4
Another day, another brunch, this time at Tunich, a Canadian owned little restaurant on the main road. We followed with a visit to the Grand Cenote, which is breathtaking. Make sure you bring your towels, flip flops and water bottle. It's one of the main Cenotes in Tulum so it can get crowded, try to arrive their early. We followed by spending our last day at Hotel La Zebra which has a really nice beach area and really good food. Once again, another hotel where you only need to purchase food and drinks to spend the day and have access to the day beds. We loved La Querida so much that we had supper there for our last night. 

Tulum is an absolutely amazing city, most tourists visit the city while staying at hotels, however, I truly believe you get the full experience if you stay at an Airbnb in the Pueblo and just hotel hop during your trip. It is so easy to drive around, find parking and you don't need to depend on anybody, you create your own schedule and discover Tulum freely. Don't hesitate if you have any questions, I would recommend you add Tulum on TOP of your travel list!!! We are already planning our return for this year :)  


Spending the day with her

I don’t get to see my sister enough. Ever since I moved out, we spend less and less time together. We don’t do it on purpose, but we both work a lot , which makes seeing each other difficult. Every holiday season, even before I moved out, we always made it a point to spend a day together, snuggled in bed, binge watching TV shows. We are both huge TV series fanatics, and to us, this was the perfect day. I am not kidding when I say I look forward to the days spent in bed, in my pajamas, watching show after show. 
Une chose est sûr, je ne vois pas assez ma sœur. Depuis que j'ai déménagé, nous passons de moins en moins de temps ensemble. Nous ne faisons pas exprès, mais nous travaillons beaucoup. Chaque saison des fêtes, avant même que je déménage, nous avons toujours pris le temps de passer une journée ensemble blotti dans le lit à regarder des émissions de télévision. Nous sommes toutes les deux des fanatiques de séries télé et c'est ce que nous appelons notre journée parfaite. Je ne plaisante pas quand je vous dis que j'attends avec impatience ces jours où je peux juste passer une journée au lit dans mon pyjama à regarder émissions après émissions.

The perfect day starts with the perfect pajamas, because, well, if you are spending the day in bed, you better look cute doing it, and you better be wearing the best pajamas. Since I’m a Virgin Mobile Member, I pretty much have the My Benefits app constantly open. Since I recently discovered that I could get 15% off at La Vie en Rose, I decided to treat my sister and I to matching PJs, because why not surprise her? And, because since I can remember, we’ve always had matching pajamas. PJs? check! 
Notre journée parfaite commence avec le pyjama parfait, car si je sais que je vais passer ma journée au lit, je veux un petit pyjama mignon et confortable. Comme je suis un Membre Virgin Mobile, j’ai toujours mon application Mes Avantages ouverte et j'ai récemment découvert que je pouvais obtenir 15% de rabais chez La Vie en Rose, alors, j'ai décidé de faire plaisir à ma petite sœur et de nous acheter des pyjamas assortis. Depuis que nous sommes jeunes, nous avons toujours eu des pyjamas assortis, donc, pourquoi pas continuer la tradition! 

Now time for snacks. The Hanine’s are known to be snack experts. One thing that’s mandatory for TV night is popcorn, but not just any type of popcorn, Kernels popcorn. When I host my sister, I don’t cheap out on snacks, and I know she absolutely loves the Ketchup flavored popcorn from Kernels. We used to beg my mom to buy it for us when we were young, and I knew this would make her smile. So, I made my way to Kernels and went a little overboard, but as a Virgin Mobile Member you get a crazy deal you buy 1 bag, and get 1 medium bag for free! I went with Ketchup and Caramel - always winning choices. 
Maintenant, parlons des collations. Les Hanine sont connus pour être des expertes en matière de collations! Une chose qui est obligatoire pour une petite soirée de télévision c’est le popcorn, mais pas n'importe quel type: le popcorn Kernels. Si j’invite ma sœur chez moi, je m’assure toujours de lui offrir de la qualité et je sais qu’elle adore le popcorn au ketchup de chez Kernels. Lorsque nous étions petites, nous avions la mauvaise habitude de supplier ma mère de nous l'acheter, donc, je savais que le popcorn au ketchup la rendrait heureuse. Je me suis donc dirigée vers Kernels et en tant que Membre Virgin Mobile, vous obtenez un rabais de fou, vous achetez 1 sac moyen et vous obtenez 1 sac moyen gratuitement, alors j’ai choisi le popcorn au Ketchup et un sac au Caramel, toujours des choix gagnants. 

Cozy pajamas, popcorn for days and so much TV to catch up seriously makes it the perfect sister date in our books. Next time, we decided we’re going the extra mile and renting a hotel room, because who’s says you can’t spoil yourself sometimes!!!
Pyjama confortable, pop-corn à profusion et des séries télé pour des heures, c’est la recette parfaite pour une belle soirée entre sœurs. La prochaine fois, nous allons y aller encore plus grand, en louant une belle petite chambre d’hôtel, il faut se gâter desfois!!! 


A weekend to disconnect in Montreal

Sometimes taking a weekend to disconnect is mandatory to be able to press reset and take some time for yourself. Every now and again, E and I take a weekend to rediscover our own city and enjoy some simple activities. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times on here but on top of running our website full time, E and I both also have full time jobs. For both us, the blog is a creative outlet and it’s a way to express and interpret our ideas by creating visual stories for you guys. E gets to pursue his passion which is photography and I get to use my creativity and work on amazing projects. For me specifically, I started the blog for the sole purpose of showing girls around the world that confidence comes from within and I want to translate this on all the aspects of the blog, whether it’s lifestyle, beauty, travel or fashion. Having two full time jobs means having to take some time off to be able to reassess your ideas and realign your vision. Every 2-3 months, (which is not enough we know) we try to take the weekend and book ourselves cool activities around Montreal. Last weekend, we decided to keep it simple and organize fun activities from a simple breakfast coffee date to going to the movies in the middle of the day (omg I know!). Obviously, fashion always come into the equation, because if we’re talking about a little weekend date, that means that I’ve got to look cute. Since I knew this relaxing weekend was coming, I decided to stop by at one of my favourite stores, H&M to pick up 2 new outfits for the occasion, so I can WOW the boyfriend. I’ve mentioned it before but as a Virgin Mobile Member, you can get all kinds of benefits and one that I constantly use (because duh I’m a shopaholic) is the 25% off a 70$ purchase at H&M or 20% off any regular priced item. After a little shopping trip, I was ready with 2 outfits for my weekend.

À certains moments, prendre une fin de semaine pour se déconnecter de la routine s’avère être obligatoire pour être en mesure de prendre du temps pour soi. De temps en temps, E et moi prenons un week-end pour redécouvrir notre propre ville et profiter d'activités super simples. Je l'ai mentionné à quelques reprises ici, mais en plus de gérer notre site Web à temps plein, E et moi avons tous deux des emplois à temps plein. Pour nous deux, le blogue est une plateforme créative qui nous permet d'exprimer et d'interpréter nos idées en créant des histoires visuelles pour vous. E arrive à poursuivre sa passion pour la photographie et pour ma part, j’arrive à utiliser ma créativité et à travailler sur de super beaux projets. J’ai commencé le blogue dans le seul but de montrer aux filles autour du monde que la confiance vient de l'intérieur et je veux traduire cela sur tous les aspects du blogue, que ce soit la beauté, le voyage, la mode ou aussi simple que notre style de vie. Avoir deux emplois à temps plein signifie prendre très peu de temps pour réévaluer nos idées et réaligner notre vision. Tous les 2-3 mois, (ce qui n'est pas suffisant nous le savons) nous essayons de réserver un week-end et d’organiser des activités sympathiques dans notre ville. Le week-end dernier, nous avons décidé de garder cela simple et de se planifier un itinéraire allant du simple petit-déjeuner et café, au cinéma en plein jour (et oui je sais!). Et bien évidemment, je dois toujours m’assurer d’avoir la bonne tenue pour épater E. Comme nous avions planifier notre petit weekend, je me suis dit que j’irais faire un tour dans un de mes magasins préférés H&M, pour ramasser 2 nouvelles tenues pour l'occasion. Je le mentionne souvent, mais en tant que Membre Virgin Mobile, vous pouvez obtenir plein d'avantages et un que j'utilise constamment (parce que je suis une accro du shopping) est le 25% sur un achat de 70 $ à H&M ou 20% de rabais sur tout article à prix régulier. Après une petite séance de shopping, j'étais prête avec 2 tenues pour mon week-end en amoureux.

First off, we decided to start cute and simple and go have breakfast and coffee at a coffee shop. Yes, I love a good coffee shop with the perfect latte art but I always end up at my beloved Starbucks. It’s just so simple and accessible, they never run out of the Coconut Milk, so I’m always guaranteed the perfect Coconut Milk Latte. Since I’m a Virgin Mobile Member, I always make sure to browse My Benefits app and take advantage of their collaboration with Starbucks. I was obviously hungry (always hungry!) and we got to try the Starbucks Breakfast sandwiches and a Grande hot brewed coffee for just $5.50. For me going to a coffee shop without a laptop is like finding a pot of gold, almost impossible but this felt so nice. We chatted and took the time to be off our phones. I was obviously dressed for the occasion, in my new teddy coat & turtleneck from H&M. This winter, I am very obsessed with earth tones and neutrals, so this was the perfect look for a relaxing afternoon around coffee.

Tout d'abord, nous avons décidé de commencer notre weekend très simplement et allant prendre le petit déjeuner dans un café. Oui, j'aime découvrir de nouveaux petits cafés qui sont super Intagrammable, mais je finis très souvent dans un Starbucks. Pourquoi? Et bien, c’est tellement simple et accessible, ils ne manquent jamais de lait de noix de coco, donc je suis toujours garantie d’obtenir mon latte au lait de coco. Comme je suis Membre Virgin Mobile, je m'assure toujours de parcourir l'application Mes Avantages et de profiter de leur collaboration avec Starbucks. J'avais évidemment faim (j’ai toujours faim!), donc, nous avons essayé les sandwiches Starbucks déjeuner et un café pour seulement 5,50 $. Pour moi, aller à un café sans ordinateur portable, c'est comme trouver un pot d'or, c’est presque impossible, mais c'est si agréable. Nous avons bavardé et pris le temps de mettre nos téléphones de côté. J'étais évidemment habillée pour l'occasion, dans mon nouveau manteau en peluche et mon col roulé de chez H&M. Cet hiver, je suis obsédée par les tons neutres, donc c'était le look parfait pour un après-midi relaxant avec l’amoureux. 

The next day, we decided to be daring (lol) and go see a movie in middle of the day. I honestly do not remember the last time I did that. It felt so good. We watched Murder of the Orient Express at the movie theatre and it was really good, actually one of my favourite books! In winter, my obsession is coats. When E and I moved in together he couldn’t believe the amount of coats I had…Oops! During my H&M shopping trip, I fell in love with this burnt orange/camel puffer coat that is just the perfect length and the perfect colour. Mix it with a classic knit and black jeans combo and it’s a comfy yet sexy look for a date. I’m always so impressed with the coat selections at H&M, which is very dangerous grounds for me! How do you disconnect and spend some time in your own city? 

Le lendemain, nous avons décidé d'oser (lol) et d'aller voir un film pendant la journée. Honnêtement, je ne me souviens pas de la dernière fois que j'ai vu un film en plein milieu de la journée. C'était tellement bien. Nous avons regardé Murder of the Orient Express au cinéma et j’ai adoré le film, en plus d’être un de mes livres préférés. Parlons de mon petit look pour l’occasion. En hiver, je deviens obsédée par les manteaux (c’est quasi maladif). Quand E et moi avons emménagé ensemble, il ne pouvait pas croire la quantité de manteaux que j'avais ... Oups! Lors de ma séance shopping chez H&M, je suis tombé amoureuse de ce manteau couleur orange brulé de style puffer qui a la longueur parfaite et la couleur parfaite. Superposez ce manteau avec le combo tricot classique et jean noir et c'est un look confortable et sexy pour un petit rendez-vous galant. Je suis toujours tellement impressionnée par les sélections de manteaux chez H & M, ce qui est très dangereux pour moi! Comment prenez-vous le temps de déconnecter de votre routine et passer du temps dans votre propre ville?

Discovering Punta Cana with Air Transat

Who doesn't want some sun in their life? Especially in November when the evenings start earlier. At the beginning of the month, Transat invited me to discover Punta Cana through their top luxury hotels and of course I said yes! I've always loved going on all inclusive vacations once a year, its just the perfect amount of time off to reset your mind, take advantage of the sun, spend some quality time listening to the waves and treat yourself.

For this trip, Air Transat brought together 7 amazing real women who happen to be all bloggers to discover Punta Cana, the Transat way...which made this trip even more special. What was even more amazing is that at every hotel, we did not receive any special treatment but we were treated exactly how a guest would be treated which is: AMAZING! Air Transat flies to Punta Cana everyday from December to April, which means so much time to discover amazing Punta Cana :) 
Our journey started at 6am at the airport. Little did we know that the Transat team had a special treat for us, flying in the Classe Club which means extra leg room, 2x 25kg worth of luggage (winning points for me), priority check-in & much more. Let's not forget the amazing food served on the plane from renowned chef Daniel Vézina, which you can preselect on before your flight, talk about good planning & service! So let me now breakdown each feature of the 5 hotels we visited, why I would go back in a heartbeat & why it was so totally worth it!

We made our first stop at this breathtaking hotel and I was amazed by the style of this hotel. I absolute adore modern hotels and it is quite rare when travelling down south but Air Transat sure knows how to choose their partners because the Excellence El Carmen is a interior design fanatics dream. We stayed at this hotel for 3 nights and let me tell you why I would go back tomorrow:
  • Modern design
  • Food is always #1 on my priority list: 12 restaurants, 16 bars & a food truck, the food was beyond amazing
  • Loved the layout of the resort, the lobby, the beach, the restaurants, everything was close and it made going from one place to another so easy
  • The rooms were super spacious and the turn down service with a chocolate on the bed was just wow 
  • Excellence El Carmen had their own coffee shop (already resort goals with this one).
  • The Beach was gorgeous, super important for me
  • So many pools so little time, you get a more central pool for the party scene and relaxation time with the other pools lounging the room buildings
  • Breathtaking spa experience
  • Starting at 2 179$ per person
We had the pleasure of spending the day at the Paradisus Punta Cana and I was quite impressed. First and foremost, the resort is huge. Let me tell you more:
  • Eco-friendly culture, the resort is surrounded by gardens & lakes which creates a serene and tranquil environment
  • Amazing property, so many palapas and place to relax on the beach
  • Being greeted by a flash mob was most probably the funnest thing ever, the staff were amazing
  • Garden beds, always a winning choice when you want to be outside but still in your room
  • Starting at 2 269$ per person
I can just say that greeting is clearly the Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro speciality. Upon arriving at the resort, we felt right at home. First things first, when you book your stay at this hotel, you can a personal butler. The butler's role is to accommodate your every need from having wine in your room at 7pm, to having a specific pillow or fruits in the morning, he makes sure that you are not taking care of anything during your vacation and that you relaxing.
  • Adults only resort
  • Butler service 24/7
  • Huge boat in the middle of the resort where cocktail hour is hosted and it transforms into a bar at night
  • Very nice beach area
  • The layout of the resort is very simple and accessible which is super important for me
  • Starting at 2 689$ per person
We visited the Paradisus Palma real for a day and but even though we did not get to spend a night here, I was amazed by how grandiose this hotel was and how nice the staff was.
  • Smoothie Bar at the beach = Resort goals
  • Gorgeous beach, white sand and crystal clear water
  • Amazing service and the staff were beyond nice
  • Beyond amazing selection of restaurants
  •  Starting at 2 259$ per person
Last but not least, we spent our last 2 nights at the Secrets Cap Cana. Oh boy oh boy was I impressed. I'm not going to lie, I'm already looking at going back to this resort, here is why:
  • Adults only resort
  • Modern chic decor and attention to every detail, the resort is absolutely beautiful
  • Best buffet breakfast I've had on a resort (and I've been to many many resorts across the Caribbean)
  • The restaurant next to the pool is simply delicious
  • The rooms are gorgeous and spacious; your family name is written at the door and you can have a party in the shower (so big)
  • Hot tub on the balcony
  • The beach is so wide, you have so much space in between the beds which I adore in a resort (I don't want to fight for a spot and be scrammed next to other people)
  • This hotel is very mature and posh and has everything I would want and more...
  • Starting at 2 389$ per person
Honestly, this was my very first time visiting Punta Cana and it certainly won't be the last. Transat has such an amazing selection of hotels in Punta Cana that it would be hard not to go back and experience what this amazing destination has to offer. Every time I want to book a vacation these are the factors I take into consideration when booking a resort: food, beach, resort layout & service and these 5 hotels offer all of this and more. Coming back to winter in Montreal was hard to say the least, hence I'm already looking for a new destination for our December holidays ;)
*This post was created in partnership with Air Transat. All opinions are my own.
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