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Top 4 luxury hotels to visit in Puerto Vallarta with Air Transat

I think it's safe to say that I love Mexico. One place I had never visited is the West Coast of the beautiful country, more specifically Puerto Vallarta. Tickets were booked, luggages were made and after spending an incredible week in Playa Del Carmen where I got engaged, I was off to Puerto Vallarta with Air Transat.

I am very proud to be part of the Air Transat family and even more so as in 2018, they became the first major international tour operator to be Travelife Certified for all its activities in recognition of its commitment to sustainable tourism.

Did you know that Air Transat offers an incredible Luxury collection, what does this mean: 
  • 40 hotels to choose from in 10 amazing tropical destinations
  • Free access to airport VIP lounges
  • Upgrade to OptionPlus on Air Transat flights
  • If you fly with Club Class, you get very spacious seats, the option of travelling with 2 checked bagages of 23kg each, a gourmet menu by renown chef Daniel Vézina and many more...
  • Private roundtrip transfers between the airport and the hotel
If this is the kind of trip you are looking for, whether you are travelling with your family or with your significant other, it is totally worth looking at the selection of Luxury hotels that Air Transat has to offers and all the perks that come with this service.

Now, let's talk about Puerto Vallarta and the 4 amazing hotels we had the immense pleasure of visiting. Puerto Vallarta is definitely a Mexican destination that is underrated. The region is absolutely breathtaking, you get the ocean and the mountains, what more can you ask for. Ok, the sand is not white but the juxtaposition of earth and water makes for absolutely picturesque views and the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen. Better yet, the water is warm, the city is filled with culture and exudes a very European vibe. 


For our first 3 nights, we had the pleasure of being hosted at the Marival Residences Luxury Resort. The amazing team placed us in the most amazing penthouse suites that had rooftop pools overlooking the ocean, which was a dream. The rooms were super spacious and so convenient for families, especially with kids, since the penthouse was equipped with a full kitchen. Let me tell you all the great things this resort has to offer:
  • Loved the layout of the hotel, everything is very close by, the beach, the restaurants, the beach club, all in a small distance
  • Very spacious rooms with 24-hour room service
  • 4 à la carte restaurants that require no reservations
  • Amazing service all around the resort
  • Amazing breakfast service, very healthy food options all round the hotel
  • Mozza Mare Beach Club that has an amazing menu and butler service to your beach chairs
  • Bikes available to go around the property
  • Very family-friendly
  • Amazing beach location: the best stretches for miles and has an amazing view of the mountains

GRAND VELAS RIVIERA NAYARIT - 5 Stars - Family hotel 
We spent a day at the Grand Velas hotel and let me tell you that this hotel is straight out of a luxury hotel catalogue. The resort is breathtaking, every little detail counts for this hotel. The Grand Velas is a very family friendly hotel. We had the chance of eating at one of their restaurants and the food was absolutely delicious and ended the day, with the most amazing massage. 

For our last 4 nights, we made our way to the Secrets Vallarta Bay Resort, where we had very nice rooms with the most amazing views of the sunset. What I loved the most about this hotel is the fact that you have the city on one side and the ocean on the other. This is perfect if you want to spend the day at the beach but then take a quick taxi to the city for an evening stroll or some shopping. Let me tell you a bit more on this hotel: 
  • All inclusive Adults only
  • Spacious rooms
  • Super close to the city of Puerto Vallarta
  • Very friendly staff
  • Really enjoyed the breakfast buffet (very easy to have healthy meals)
  • Entertainment at the bar lobby
  • Amazing spa experience where you can relax for hours.

HOTEL MOUSAI - 5 Stars - Adults only
Not many words can describe the beauty that is this resort. The Hotel Mousai is the perfect place for a couples retreat. The decor of this hotel is breathtaking and most importantly the rooftop pool. This hotel is all about the food and the pool, the beach is not very close and you need to take a shuttle to get to it but lounging by the pool makes it the perfect day. We had the pleasure of spending the day at the pool with drinks and such nice meals that it really made it the perfect day. Hotel Mousai is definitely a place I would come back to with some girlfriends or with my fiancé for a nice 5 relaxing trip. 

In resume, Puerto Vallarta is an absolutely beautiful destination and should be a must on your vacation list. It's a city that is surely very underrated and I do not understand why, as the ocean is adorned with a magnificent view of the mountains which makes the views absolutely breathtaking and the temperature more than perfect. Aside from the food being delicious and the community being so welcoming, Puerto Vallarta is in my books the place to be in Mexico. 



There is nothing more that I like than discovering cities and getting lost in the streets. Our first excursion was in Sayulita, an absolutely beautiful little village. Sayulita is so laid back relax and it has such a surfer vibe, streets filled with cute cafés and artisan shops. The beach is beautiful and you can take surf lessons, enjoy a nice meal at a beachfront restaurant. A short 10 minute drive away is San Pacho, the most charming little village that is less touristic and has the most breathtaking beach. Picture ocean on one side and the mountains and jungle on the other, it was so beautiful that I got very emotional, I'm not going to lie!

I mean the title says it all, if you love tacos, you NEED to book this tour. The tour is with Cookin' Vallarta, a company that hosts cooking experiences through different cities in Mexico. What is a Taco Tour you may ask, well it means you get to try tacos at 5 different spots, from super local counters to cool hip restaurants, you get to taste the best of the best. Honestly, this was the coolest experience and something I recommend to absolutely everyone, a must in Puerto Vallarta! 

Please let me know if you have any hotspots in Puerto Vallarta, because I will definitely be travelling there again xxx

*This post was created in partnership with Air Transat. All opinions are my own.

Top 9 midi skirts for Spring

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you really should! Jk! But really, every day I share my #lapizoftheday which are my daily looks, and these days most of my daily outfits consist of midi skirts. There is something just so feminine and sophisticated about a midi skirt. I pair my skirts with knits, with simple t-shirts, with boots, with sneakers, etc. Currently, a midi skirt is the most versatile piece in my closet and I rounded up my fave 9 midi skirts for Spring. 

Si vous ne me suivez pas sur Instagram, vous devriez vraiment! LOL! Toutes blagues à part, chaque jour, je partage mes #lapizoftheday qui sont mes looks du jour, et ces jours-ci, la plupart de mes tenues quotidiennes sont constituées de jupes midi. Selon moi, une jupe midi a quelque chose de tellement féminin et sophistiqué. J'associe mes jupes à des tricots, à des t-shirts, à des bottes, à des souliers de course, etc. Présentement, une jupe midi est la pièce la plus polyvalente de mon placard et j'ai trouvé mes 9 jupes midi préférées pour le printemps.


All new swim you need

The most asked question I get on Instagram is where is my swimsuit from?! In the last year, I won't lie, I've been flaunting my #bikinibody lol I feel good about it and I've found really good bathing suits, so why not?! And obviously, if I find the best swimsuits, I want to share it with all you ladies, so you can flaunt your curves. Here are my top picks for this swimsuit season: 


Why you need a Vitamix in your life

For as long as I can remember, I've been telling the boyfriend that the first item on our wedding or moving-in registry would be a Vitamix. We've been avid smoothie drinkers for the last 4-5 years and I knew the Vitamix would change our lives. Well, last month, Vitamix sent over their Vitamix A2500 and it was just like if someone had gifted me a Chanel bag. Yes, I've been referring my Vitamix to a Chanel bag, because I will be honest, they were on the same line of the bucket list for me.

The minute the Vitamix arrived at home, the ideas went flying, from smoothies, to ice cream, to soups, to wellness shots, there isn't much a Vitamix can't do. 

To share my love on the Vitamix, I wanted to share with you my classic everyday smoothie recipe. At the Cruz household, we drink smoothies 4-5 mornings a week. It is the easiest and freshest way to start our mornings and gives us all the energy we need for the day. Mr. Cruz is usually in charge of making the smoothies in the morning, as he literally just has to put jogging pants on to be ready for work (perks of working from home). We don't usually stick to recipes, we add to taste but here is the classic smoothie we drink everyday:
- 2 cups of kale leaves
- 1 banana
- 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries
- 8 frozen cherries
- 1/2 cup of frozen pineapples
- 1 tablespoon of almond butter
- 1 teaspoon of turmeric
- 1 cup of coconut water

We change up our recipe depending if we want something with kale or something more fruity and usually we keep it lighter in the summer. Smoothies are very seasonal in my opinion. Honestly, the Vitamix has changed our routine, I am now making wellness shots, celeri juice, different kind of soups, energy balls, the possibilities are endless. Make sure you follow me on Instagram @lapiz_of_luxury where I usually always share my Vitamix adventures on my Stories. Also, don't hesitate to share with me some of your recipes! 


Depuis la nuit des temps, j'ai toujours dit à l'amoureux que le premier item sur notre liste de registre de mariage ou de déménagement serait un Vitamix. Depuis près de 4 ou 5 ans, nous buvons beaucoup de smoothies et je savais que le Vitamix allait changer nos vies. Eh bien, le mois dernier, Vitamix nous a envoyé son Vitamix A2500 et c'était sincèrement comme si quelqu'un m'avait offert un sac Chanel. Oui oui, je viens de comparer mon Vitamix à un sac Chanel, car pour être honnête, ils étaient au même niveau pour moi sur ma liste.

La minute que le Vitamix est arrivé à la maison, les idées se sont envolées, qu'il s'agisse de smoothies, de crèmes glacées, de soupes, il n'y a pas grand-chose qu'un Vitamix ne puisse faire.

Il est évident que je voulais partager mon amour pour le Vitamix avec vous, donc, je me suis dit qu'on débuterait avec ma recette classique de mon smoothie du matin. Chez les Cruz, nous buvons des smoothies 4 à 5 matins par semaine. C'est la façon la plus facile et la plus fraîche de commencer nos matins et ça nous donne toute l'énergie dont nous avons besoin pour la journée. M. Cruz est généralement chargé de préparer le déjeuner le matin, car il doit seulement enfiler un jogging pour se préparer au travail (les avantages de travailler à la maison). Nous ne nous en tenons généralement pas aux recettes, nous ajoutons au goût, mais voici le smoothie classique que nous buvons tous les jours:
- 2 tasses de feuilles de chou frisé
- 1 banane
- 1/2 tasse de fraises congelées
- 8 cerises congelées
- 1/2 tasse d'ananas congelés
- 1 cuillère à soupe de beurre d'amande
- 1 cuillère de curcuma
- 1 tasse d'eau de coco

Nous changeons notre recette dépendamment si nous voulons du chou frisé ou quelque chose de plus fruité et nous gardons généralement nos smoothies plus légers en été. Les smoothies sont très saisonniers à mon avis. Honnêtement, le Vitamix a changé notre routine, je fais des shots de bien-être, du jus de céleri, des soupes différentes, de boules énergétiques, je vous le dit les possibilités sont infinies. Assurez-vous de me suivre sur Instagram @lapiz_of_luxury, où je partage toujours mes aventures avec mon Vitamix sur mes Stories Aussi, n'hésitez pas de partager avec moi certaines de vos recettes!

The 28 day challenge with Olay

Skincare has always been and always will be something I focus on the daily. I think this comes from my mom who has amazing skin. Believe it or not her skincare routine is not very complicated nor is mine. When you use products that you can trust and that you know will have positive results on your skin, your skincare routine gets super simple and straight to the point.

Prendre soin de ma peau a toujours été et sera toujours un point important dans mon quotidien. Je pense que cela vient de ma mère qui a une peau incroyable. Croyez-le ou non, sa routine de soins de la peau n’est pas très compliquée, pas plus que la mienne. Une fois que vous utilisez des produits en lesquels vous pouvez avoir confiance et dont votre peau en bénéficiera les résultats positifs, votre routine de soin de la peau devient extrêmement simple.

A few weeks ago, Olay asked me to take on the 28-day challenge and only use their products for 28 days and document the journey on my social media by sharing with you how it affected my skin. I got super excited because I take pride in taking care of my skin inside and out and I strongly believe that you do not need to break the bank to have healthy skin.

Il y a quelques semaines, Olay m'a demandé de relever le défi de 28 jours, de n'utiliser que leurs produits pendant 28 jours et de documenter le parcours sur mes réseaux sociaux en vous expliquant comment ils ont affecté ma peau. Je suis sautée sur l'occasion, car j'adore prendre soin de ma peau et je suis vraiment convaincue qu'il n'est pas nécessaire de casser sa tirelire pour avoir une peau saine.

I ditched my other products and instead started my daily routine with the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream that has a 3-in-1 power. This cream works to fight dark circles, wrinkles and puffy eyes ,really everything you need in an eye cream. After only 7-8 days of using the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream, I really noticed that the dark pigmentation under my eyes was softer and lighter. This eye cream is made from a formula filled with peptides and vitamins and contains a color-correcting technology. I can be very picky with eye cream but what I loved the most about the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream is that it really moisturizes my under eye area and absorbs quickly in my skin. I use it twice a day, morning and night, right before applying my face cream. I always use my ring finger to apply it and massage it in. Today, after 28 days of usage, I can tell you that I did really notice a change in my under-eye area, I have not worn concealer in weeks. The area under my eyes feels bright, less puffy and tired, everything a girl wants.

J'ai abandonné mes autres produits et, j'ai commencé ma routine quotidienne avec la Crème Suprême pour les yeux de Olay qui a un pouvoir 3 en 1. Cette crème combat les cernes, les rides et les yeux gonflés. C'est tout ce dont vous avez besoin dans une crème pour les yeux. Après seulement 7 à 8 jours d'utilisation de la Crème Suprême pour les yeux de Olay j'ai vraiment remarqué que la pigmentation foncée sous mes yeux s'était atténuée et était plus claire. Cette crème pour les yeux est fabriquée à partir d'une formule remplie de peptides et de vitamines et contient une technologie de correction des couleurs. Je peux être très difficile avec ma crème pour les yeux, car je veux un bon résultat, mais ce que j’ai le plus aimé au sujet de Crème Suprême pour les yeux de Olay, c’est qu’elle hydrate vraiment le dessous de mes yeux et s’absorbe rapidement dans ma peau. Je l'utilise deux fois par jour, matin et soir, juste avant d'appliquer ma crème pour le visage. J'utilise toujours mon doigt d'anneau pour l'appliquer et la masser. Aujourd’hui, après 28 jours d’utilisation, je peux vous dire que j’ai vraiment remarqué un changement dans la région sous les yeux, je n’ai pas porté de cache-cernes depuis des semaines. La zone sous mes yeux est brillante, moins gonflée et fatiguée, tout ce qu'une fille veut.

I did not know it was possible for me to fall head over heels in love with a face cream. The nature of my job makes me test a lot of creams and skincare but the Olay Regenerist Whip stole my heart very quickly. One of the main concerns women have when shopping for a good face cream is finding a cream that will not leave a greasy film or a sticky feeling but give you the perfect moisture and hydration. Enter my new holy grail Olay Regenerist Whip. The minute you apply this face cream it instantly absorbs and leaves you with a smooth and matte finish (which is perfect for women who apply makeup). Having hit the big 3-1, I chose the Olay Regenerist Whip to work on diminishing my wrinkles and fine lines. After only a week of using the face cream, I noticed that the texture of my skin had changed, my face was smooth and I noticed that my skin was more elastic and plump. Overall, I looked less tired around my eyes and laugh lines. 

Je ne savais pas qu'il était possible pour moi de tomber amoureuse d'une crème pour le visage. La nature de mon travail me fait tester beaucoup de crèmes et de produits de beauté, mais la crème Olay Regenerist Whip a volé mon cœur très rapidement. L'une des principales préoccupations des femmes lors de l'achat d'une bonne crème pour le visage est de trouver une crème qui ne laisse pas de film gras ou de sensation collante, mais qui vous procure une bonne hydratation, tout au long de la journée. Voici que je trouve la crème Olay Regenerist Whip. Dès que vous appliquez cette crème pour le visage, votre peau l'absorbe instantanément et vous obtenez un fini lisse et mat (parfait pour les femmes qui se maquillent). Ayant atteint l'âge de 31 ans, j'ai choisi la crème Olay Regenerist Whip afin d'atténuer mes rides et mes ridules. Après seulement une semaine d'utilisation de la crème pour le visage, j'ai remarqué que la texture de ma peau avait changé, que mon visage était lisse et que ma peau était plus élastique. Dans l’ensemble, j’avais déjà un air moins fatigué autour des yeux et des rides du sourire plus attenués. 

Today, as I am writing this article, I can really tell you that the Olay Regenerist Whip and the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream really changed my skin as I have not worn makeup in multiple weeks. My skin is so plump and firm and the texture is so soft, seriously not wearing makeup is just a dream. But it all starts with the perfect skincare routine…

Aujourd'hui, alors que j'écris cet article, je peux vraiment vous dire que la crème Olay Regenerist Whip et a Crème Suprême pour les yeux de Olay ont vraiment changé ma peau, la justification parfaite: je ne me suis pas maquillée depuis plusieurs semaines. Ma peau est si vivante et ferme et la texture est si douce. Ne pas sentir le besoin de se maquiller est un rêve, mais tout commence avec la bonne routine de soin de la peau…
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