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Brand Focus : Make Up For Ever

Even though I bathe in all the beauty and the cosmetics for this blog and for the sole purpose of my happiness, there is always a couple of brands that remain new to me. What I love most is to try out a brand and test different products, because you can be satisfied with the foundation but very possible that you won't be able to deal with the lipsticks. 

A good well-rounded market research is always a good excuse ;)

Enter my Makeup Up ForEver discovery, the well-rounded brand founded by Dany Sanz. 
Many of you know Makeup Up For Ever for being the brand that most makeup artists start their career's with, well, Danny Sanz created the brand in in the 80's because she realised makeup artists did not have a great range of products to work with. 

I tested the brand...

1. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #42 Vermillion Red: I love me a good red lip, a good red lip that does not leak or feather and MUFE sure knows how to hold a good red lip.

2. MUFE HD Foundation #128: Now, this foundation has been deemed holy grail foundation by many and I can tell you that you definitely get the flawless face look with this product. 
3. MUFE Aquamatic Eyeshadow #ME50 Metallic Golden Taupe: The never ending love for the cream eyeshadow's in pen formula. I swear, I collect these (bad habit). They are the easiest way of looking put-together in a rush and believe me, in the morning, my beauty sleep is precious, every minute is counted. The MUFE Aquamatic applies like a dream and does not tug the eyelids while providing the perfect color. 

4. MUFE Aqua Cream in #15 Taupe: I am a sucker for any cream shadow and this formula does not disappoint. It stays on your lid all day and the color is beyond gorgeous. A definite product must-try from the MUFE family.

Makeup Up For Ever is sold at Sephora and is a definite brand that needs to be discovered by the casual makeup lover ;)

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