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A Royal Revolution

I will be honest, the celebrity perfume trend has sort of died down...but nonetheless I'm the curious girl that always smells the new releases. This time, I had the sneak peek smell on the new Katy Perry Royal Revolution perfume. 

The Royal Revolution scent is a floral but sweet perfume which usually is right up my alley. The perfume is composed with some of my fave notes : pink freesia, pomegranate, mystical blackthorn, orange flower, velvety jasmine, sandalwood, soft musk and vanilla orchid. 

As soon as Vanilla is part of the notes of a perfume, I am usually sold. But can we just talk about the bottle, it looks like a genie's magic potion ;)

Keep your eyes out at your local Shopper's Drug Mart for this perfume, retailed at 59$.

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