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The Real Liner

If you know me, you know I love me a good cat-eye look with the perfect black line. Let's be honest though, it takes a while to get the hang of it and to master to liner situation. I've always been super picky on the products I use for my liner, from liquid to gel, that's sort of a pain in the bum because you need a brush and so...but this time I was very much surprised. 

Enter the Benefit They're Real push-up liner
A liner completely out of the ordinary, an actual gel liner in a pen format. The Benefit They're Real push-up liner is the cousin of the already fabulous Benefit They're Real Mascara, that remains on my top 5 all time best mascaras. 

Same family, same love !
The Benefit They're Real push-up liner is actually a gel consistency but super easy to use and my favourite part is that the pen format helps you apply your line super close to your lashes, for the perfect look.
One thing I should mention is that you need a strong makeup remover at the end of the day and the other cousin Benefit They're Real Remover does the job. 

You can find the whole Benefit They're Real familia at your local Sephora or Shopper's DrugMart.

Do you rock the black-liner look ? 

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