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Eye Candy

Once you have reached a certain age, little alarms on your face tend to wake you up and tell you to get on the eye cream train. Well, this alarm rang hard and loud this year around my birthday. I loved turning 25 but it seems that since the 25, I always want to turn 25. So that's what I am sticking to...25 plus...(insert year).

I have never worn eye creams in my life but I started to take care of that area for a year now and these are my accomplices every morning and every night.
I dipped in the world of eye creams last year and these are the A B C's of my wrinkle fighting team.

A. Roc Complete Lift Eye Cream: Key word is Lift. You can apply this cream day and night and it moisturizes the under eye area perfectly without feeling greasy or heavy. Perfect for summer and winter.

B. Origins GinZing Eye Cream: This is my favourite cream for the day, it has a little shimmer in the formula that instantly brightens under your eyes and acts as a perfect base for concealer.

C. LiĆ©rac Magnificience Yeux: I recently added this product to my collection and I apply it at night on top on my night cream. This new addition is my current love because of the easy application method, always a plus for a lazy girl ;)

Have you started using eye cream ? If, so, do you have any recommendations ?

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