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Industrial Camo

When I saw these shoes on the Zara website, they were immediately thrown in my online shopping bag. I obviously waited for the weather to place the order and once they came, I was ecstatic. 

Leather Jacket H&M | Tshirt VeroModa | Sweatshirt LaMontréalaiseAtelier | Pants Gap | Shoes Zara | Necklace H&M | Handbag Longchamp

The minute the sun comes out, I take out this gorgeous Yellow Longchamp I got a couple of years ago. Taking out this bag represents the start of spring and summer for me ! 

What is your spring/summer stable piece in your wardrobe ?!


One Last Snow


Spring Cleaning - Bloggers Bazaar

Next weekend, I am participating in yet another blogger event where we are all cleaning out our closets. I will be at the Bloggers Bazaar on Saturday May 3rd and let me tell you, I really did a HUGE spring cleaning in my wardrobe. I am selling pretty much 3/4 of my closet at ridiculously low prices, from H&M pieces, to BCBG dresses, to Michael Kors wallets, shoes and handbags. I am selling everything under the sun from clothes to shoes. 

Come by and check it out !

There's a little cool twist. 6 places at this event are reserved for lucky winners to come and sell their own clothes. Are you that lucky girl that could sell her stuff at the Bloggers Bazaar ?! You could be that girl if you send a picture of a head-to-toe look that you would sell at the Bloggers Bazaar at this address 

All the details are on the Bloggers Bazaar Facebook page HERE

The Bloggers Bazaar is happening at 124 rue Saint-Paul Est at the Pub St-Paul. 

Don't forget I will be there on Saturday May 3rd from 11am to 4pm. 

Come and get your closet ready for the new Spring season !

Hope to see you there :)


New Nars Tools

This week, I was so excited to have the chance to try out the brand new NARS makeup brushes.

NARS is actual the first makeup luxury brand that I adventured in, after Chanel of course. I remember I bought my first powder foundation a couple of years ago. Since then, I have pretty much been a big NARS user, from their gorgeous Blushes to their Velvet Matte Lip Pencils which I die over. 

This time I dipped in their world of beauty tools and have been using their new NARS Artistry Brushes. This collection is included 16 gorgeous brushes and I tried 4 of them.

(#42 Blending Eyeshadow Brush, #41 Diffusing Brush, #11 Bronzing Powder Brush, #20 Blush Brush)

One thing I hate about brushes made with natural hair is the shedding. With these NARS Artistry brushes I really did not see any shedding happening. They apply the makeup impeccably and are so easy to clean. The NARS Blending Eyeshadow Brush (#42) has quickly become my go-to eyeshadow brush to swipe one color on the lid and quickly blend it out and you are out the door. 

I know these are not the cheapest brushes but if you want to invest in one piece, it's definitely worth it. 

Check them out at your nearest NARS counter.



Pfff : Pretty much how I felt about winter, so happy it's finally over ! 

A Lushy Easter

Every season, I swoon over all the cute stuff Lush comes out with. I must admit, I wasn't a Lush fan, I really did not know much about the brand, until my little cousin dragged me in the store one day, in Ottawa, as she was dying to try the bath balms.

Then, I quickly jumped in the Lush world and now, I just can't get out of it.

This Easter, Lush came out with a couple of the cutest products. 

Here are 4 pieces of the collection : 
The Carrot soap ; leaves your skin with the smoothest finish
The Golden Egg ; a bath full of gold sprinkles
Brightside, that smells like a field of oranges in your bath 
Fluffy Egg (that was sadly broken)

These make such pretty Easter gifts for little girls and big girls like me ;p

Enjoy ! 

Have a Nike Day

I was dying to take out my gorgeous Nike Roshe's out for a spin. I was basically stalking the weather channel for the perfect opportunity and jumped on it ! 


My Spring Fling

Spring is here, so that means I am bringing out the pastels baby ! 

Strike 2 - Two Ways to Wear a Waistcoat

As promised, here is the second option on how to wear a waistcoat ! 

I decided to wear the waistcoat on top of a sweatshirt to make it a tad more chic but always comfy and cool ! Replace the oxford shoes with heels and its a great office outfit ;p

I absolutely adored shooting in Central Station in New York City, it was so much fun and I loved the aspect of people moving everywhere in my pictures. 

I must give all the credit to my beloved partner-in-crime for this wonderful idea. 

Waistcoat Zara | Sweatshirt Target | Jeans OldNavy | Necklaces H&M and ZinziCanada | Earrings Naeve | Shoes Zara | Beanie Forever21

I love changing my style and trying new things, as you may have already noticed. So tell me, how would you wear a waistcoat ?!


Strike 1 - Two Ways to Wear a Waistcoat

A couple of months ago, I fell upon this gorgeous waistcoat at Zara at a ridiculously marked down price. Well, I obviously couldn't say no ! 

At first glance, I thought, how would I wear this. The ideas just simmered in and then I decided to make two articles out of it ! 

- My infamous tongue twister :  2 ways to wear a waistcoat -

Here is the 1st way I would wear my waistcoat !

I layered the waistcoat on top of my grey wool coat, very comfy and chic !  

I just can't get enough these Naeve Jewelry Triangle Earrings :p

Waistcoat Zara | Coat Zara | Sweatshirt Target | Jeans OldNavy | Necklaces H&M and ZinziCanada | Earrings Naeve | Sunglasses Aldo | Shoes Zara | Beanie Forever21

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of my 2 ways to wear a waistcoat


My Lush Winter Body Essentials

My Lush

Let's not kid ourselves, this winter has been hell-a tough. My skin took the bullet this year and was so dry, not many products were able to do the trick. 
Enter Lush Cosmetics !

Current Beauty Lust

I am a list kind of girl, it makes it easier for me to organize everything from school, to the blog, to work. I write to-do lists to fit in all these aspects of my life but once in a while, a little to-buy list crawls itself in. 
Here are the current beauty products that I am dying to try ;)

Anything on your Beauty Lust List ?!



Adidas is a cult classic brand. When I was in high school I would covet the newest Adidas tracksuit and save up money to be able to buy it and rock it at school. 

When I heard that TOPSHOP was collaborating with Adidas, I was so excited. TOPSHOP is such an eclectic brand that really fits with my personality and my style and the collaboration with Adidas, my all-time favorite sports brand was too good to be true.

This tracksuit is everything ! 

The classic tracksuit ! A cult must-have :p

The TOPSHOP X Adidas collection holds 20 pieces ranging from 45$ to 179$.

This collection is offered in all TOPSHOP boutiques and Hudson Bay's TOPSHOP Boutiques.

Go cray-cray :p
And Enjoy ! 

Benefit's Big Easy Complexion Perfector

As I have told you many times before, I am not one to wear much foundation. I prefer to take a dip in the world of complexion enhancers such as BB creams and tinted moisturizers, something to unify the appearance of my skin. 

During summer, I only use bronzer or blush but winter is my real enemy, my skin becomes pale and pasty and lifeless and I hate packing on products. 

When the Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector arrived at my doorstep, I must admit I knew it was going to be another BB cream, but my friends, it is absolutely not a BB cream. This product is really special and different. The Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector creates a cream to powder finish, something I have never seen in any other companies. 

The Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector is applied in the same way as a tinted moisturizer, I usually apply it with my hands and massage it in my skin. This product quickly turn into powder and leaves your skin with the craziest and prettiest glow without looking one bit of cakey. I kid you not it looks velvety and smooth ! 

I tend to get oily in my T-zone at the end of the day, especially with some products that seem to increased my oil production but this product really kept my oils at bay and I had the nicest glow all day long. 

The greatest part, it has an SPF 35, which will be perfect once we get a bit of sun light in this city :P

The Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector is definitely like nothing I have even seen before, available in 6 different shades, I am sure you can find a perfect match for your skin and make it your new spring accessory. 

Enjoy ! 

Grey + Fur = Love

This season I have been crazy for the monotone look, grey on grey, beige on beige, black on black ! 

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