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Have a Nike Day

I was dying to take out my gorgeous Nike Roshe's out for a spin. I was basically stalking the weather channel for the perfect opportunity and jumped on it ! 

Leather Jacket Vintage | Sweater JoeFresh (Men's) | Cami American Apparel | Leggings LeGarage | Shoes Nike Roshe | Sunnies Prada | Handbag LouisVuitton

Since changing jobs and plunging in the corporate world, I find so much more pleasure in comfy wear, sneakers and leggings on the weekends. Can't wait for that TGIF. 

I am seriously dying over these NIKE shoes, I wear them both days of the weekend, every weekend, since the nice weather. I wear them with leather trousers, black pants, distressed jeans. I even wore them to an event last week with a nice crisp white shirt and a big statement necklace. 

I just can't get enough, now if only I could rock them at work ;p

On the other side of the fashion world, I have been loving Zara for my corporate outfits. I am lucky to have a job that dips in the fashion world, so you know I'll be rocking them flashy colours and crazy shoes. 

Now that spring is here and I don't have to drown in tights and boots ;
stay tuned for more spring wear featuring a lot of corporate pieces that can be transitioned to everyday wear ;p

Enjoy ! 

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