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A Lushy Easter

Every season, I swoon over all the cute stuff Lush comes out with. I must admit, I wasn't a Lush fan, I really did not know much about the brand, until my little cousin dragged me in the store one day, in Ottawa, as she was dying to try the bath balms.

Then, I quickly jumped in the Lush world and now, I just can't get out of it.

This Easter, Lush came out with a couple of the cutest products. 

Here are 4 pieces of the collection : 
The Carrot soap ; leaves your skin with the smoothest finish
The Golden Egg ; a bath full of gold sprinkles
Brightside, that smells like a field of oranges in your bath 
Fluffy Egg (that was sadly broken)

These make such pretty Easter gifts for little girls and big girls like me ;p

Enjoy ! 


  1. Je suis OBSÉDÉE par l'odeur du pain moussant à la mandarine. Ils donnent quoi, les oeufs roses ?

    1. Celui-ci c'était aux carottes ! Super bon xox L'oeuf rose donne ton bain rose ;p


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