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My Spring Fling

Spring is here, so that means I am bringing out the pastels baby ! 
These past couples of week were kind of a treasure hunt for me, the hunt for the best pastel polishes that is !

Mother nature made us wait for so long for this darn sunny weather, that I kept myself occupied with my little private adventure. During my little hunt, I told myself I was going to think outside the box and also make it a point to discover new brands.

I fell upon this little quintet of polishes to rotate during the upcoming weeks :p

Sally Hansen has always been a cult classic and so affordable for the quality of the polish. Especially this line from Sally Hansen "Complete Salon Manicure" that has the best brush of life for application. 

Dior is Dior, I have a separate love for these polishes ;p

Deborah Lipmann is a new discovery for me this year, they run a tad expeez but the colour selection is out of this world, so I cannot help it ! You might recognize this colour from my Beauty Lust List from the beginning of the week ;)

This month I made two new discoveries on the nail polish brand side : YSL and Formula X

First and foremost, YSL. I have been eyeing the YSL polishes for years now and I just didn't come around to buying them. This month, I made it a point to get myself a nice classic colour to test out the quality and durability of these polishes and let me tell you, I am a satisfied consumer. The colour lasted me a good 5 days without chipping. I am surely going to look into more colours next time I am at a YSL counter. 

Formula X is the new nail polish brand by Sephora and oh boy do they have a wide selection. I swear it's colour galore in there ! I fell in love with this neon pastel lime colour and I just cannot wait to wear it with a nice golden tan :)

Clockwise from the top :
Sally Hansen #240 Ping Pong
Formula X Over the Top
Dior #204 Porcelaine
Deborah Lipmann Tip Toe Through Tulips
YSL #24 Rose Abstrait

What are your favourite polishes for this Spring season ?!

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