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Always a Nomade

I can't even remember where my love for traveling and exploring the world came from. Coming from a culturally mixed family really impacted my vision and my values on the world. My dad left Morocco, his home to come study and explore Canada where he met my mom that fled Lebanon because of the civil war. Both coming from a strong cultural background, they completely adapted to a new home and created one for their 2 girls: my sister and I. 
Since our young age, both my sister and I have had the urge to explore, to discover the new, to seek places that other people call home. At the age of 18, I decided to explore where my father had called home and that completely opened my appetite for discovery. 

Recently, one of my favourite brands Chloé released their new scent, Nomade. Properly named, this new fragrance embraces the spirit of an adventurous feminine soul which totally fits with me and my crazy need to explore. The floral notes and fresh woody fragrance embodies one of a real Nomade. Nothing makes me happier than travelling, I feel like myself the most when I end up in an unknown place that I need to discover, to study, is that unusual...I'm not sure. 

Meeting new people, being exposed to new cultures, new food, new history simply makes me happy. All of these feelings were amplified when I met my boyfriend who comes for a latin background and shares this exact same need to always discover. In the last 11 years of being together, we've been to many many places from Armenia, to Qatar, to Portugal and New York, stepping into a new city brings us closer together and brings out the best of both us. We have so many new adventures that await us this year, being a Nomade is just part of who we are...

All products were gifted by Chloé.


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  3. I feel the same ! I need to travel once or twice a year to feel alive Xxx

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