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What really changed my eyelashes

This post was sponsored by RapidLash as part of an Influence Central campaign and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Since November 2017, I stopped applying eyelash extensions as I wanted to take a break. My eyelashes were in a good condition since I have the best eyelash extension specialist in town ;) but you can't help but notice a lack of volume. 7 weeks ago, RapidLash approached me and put me to the test of using the RapidLash for a period of 6 weeks, once a day, to see if I was really going to notice a difference. 

I remember back when I used to work in the pharmacy (at Jean Coutu), rewind 7 years ago, so many women would purchase this serum to give a little step to their eyelash game and because it was so affordable. They sold so fast, so you can imagine how I was curious. Jean Coutu still carries RapidLash, so I know how to quickly get my hands on it.

Applying the RapidLash is super easy. After completely removing your makeup and washing your face, you can more forward with your regular nighttime routine (serums, creams, eye cream, etc.) and simply complete with the application of the RapidLash. You simply pull out the dainty wand which consists of product and you apply it just like you would apply an eyeliner. Takes 2 minutes. 
In order to correctly judge the results of this product, I made sure to use the same mascara during the whole period in order to be able to notice a difference with my eyelashes. 

After only 3 weeks, I noticed more volume in my eyelashes, specifically in the inner corner of my left eye. This was a very small section of my eyelashes that were weaker than the rest, since I sleep on my left side, face in the pillow. 

After a good 5 weeks, I noticed it was easier for me to curl my lashes, I had more of them and it gave a fuller effect. Every time, I talk to you guys about a product, it’s because I really gave it a try during a good period of time and I am then comfortable enough to speak to you guys about it. 
I just passed the 6 week mark and I can really tell you that this product really increased the strength of my eyelashes. I really really wanted to go back to eyelash extensions after 5 months of stopping but I’m going to give this whole natural thing a-go. 

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