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Get Ready for the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Collection !

Yesterday was the day that Target released their collaboration with Phillip Lim, the 3.1 Phillip Lim X Target Collection. Since this collaboration was announced, this day was marked on my calendar. 

Unfortunately, here in Canada we don't have the option of shopping online yet. And for Montreal, we don't even have any Target stores until tomorrow Tuesday September 17th. Hence, this appropriate post to guide my Montreal ladies through the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Collection madness ! 

I decided to take a little road-trip with my mom and aunt to Plattsburgh, a 1h15 mins drive to catch this collection on the actual launch day. From the beginning, my strategy was to either take the road-trip if my Montreal store wasn't opened or go to the first Montreal Target opening, but after many thoughts, I opted for Plattsburgh and the drive. We arrived there for 7h20 am and we were the second ones in line. Once the store opened, we got our hands on everything we wanted. Obviously, there is always those girls that attend the launch just to benefit from it and sell on Ebay, which I find quite unfair but that's another subject. One very impolite girl, completely emptied out the handbag selection and ran to the cash. 

I got everything I wanted and then it was triage time ! 
This is what was left after the changing rooms and the triage ! 

These bags were my main target (haha !) and I was so happy to get my hands on the black and the yellow (of course, my aunt bought the Taupe so we could switch ;p ). 

We both got a little carried away in the handbag section of the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Collection ! 

After screening my bag selection, I decided to give two of them away to two girls that were dying for them and it made them super happy, you gotta pay it forward sometimes ! 

All in all, Montreal girls be ready for the lineups, the wait, maybe the pushing and shoving, I dunno. All I know, is expect not to find the whole collection and be there at least 30 mins before opening time. Don't forget, this is not only a collection launch but the official opening of the actual store. 

Be prepared, have a list of the exact items that you want and direct yourself towards them at the opening. Obviously opt for comfy shoes, comfy clothes and a cross-body bag that will not get in your way. 

Big tip : bring a second person to help you scope out the deeds ! 

Enjoy and let me know what you picked out ! 

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