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Mèreadesso : A One Step SkinCare

New York Fashion Week was amazing and very hectic and I had the best time of my life. From attending shows to catching in a little 5 minutes in between to shop, I loved every minute of it ! 

All the running around and the lack of sleep can put a strain on your skin, well, I came prepared to NYFW and brought with me a gorgeous little product that I have been using for 2-3 weeks now : the Mèreadesso All-in-One Moisturizer.

I have a normal to combination skin with the oily T-zone, so I cannot use this cream as a day cream, but let me tell you that it does wonders at night. I use this cream at night 2 to 3 times a week, or after really long days and I wake up in the morning fresh faced and re-energized. 
Recently, I have been gravitating towards more of a natural product theme in my skincare and this cream really fits the team. The cream is made with countless mineral, enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins, allowing your skin to pull from them what it needs. 

But the most amazing thing about this cream is that it acts as a primer, toner, eye cream, night cream, day cream, and moisturizer, all in the one product.
This is perfect for the lazy girls ! 

You can find this brand on or

Enjoy ! 

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