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NYFW : Meeting Ann Sophie Johansson Head Designer of H&M

New York Recap : 
On the first day of my stay in New York, I was invited to visit the H&M private showroom in Soho to preview a new Spring 2014 collection that will be hitting stores March 6th. I was greeted at the door by the designer herself and her team in a gorgeous space that had a rustic and tropical feel to it.  

I snapped away a couple of pictures of the Spring 2014 collection that I just cannot wait to get my hands on. 

These boots are to die for ! 

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Ann-Sophie Johansson, the Head Designer of H&M and chatting up with her a bit about her start at H&M, her goal and inspirations and the organization of the H&M brand. 

I know you started as a sales clerk at H&M at the beginning of your career, at that time was it important to have an academic fashion background to move up in fashion driven companies ? 

No, at that time you didn't need anything of the sort. When, I started in the design department we were 8-10 people and today we are 160 designers in Stockholm but we recruit all over the world with 20 different nationalities. 

When you started at H&M, did you have an idea of what career you wanted to pursue in the future ? 

Yes, when I started as as sales clerk, I knew I wanted to become a designer at H&M. I thought it was a smart move for me to start working on the floor to get to know the company and their products. I got my portfolio together and started as a design assistant a couple of years after. 

How do you find inspiration in order to sell the same clothes to such different clienteles such as in Asia,  in Europe and in North America ? 

We make the same collections for all our selling countries with tiny local variations but it doesn't differ that much from country to country. Fashion today is global because we receive the same information at the same time with the magic of Internet. 

Are your local variations influenced by the countries culture ? 

Yes, it could be ! We have to be open-minded and curious of all the different countries we provide too. We have a wide assortment of designs because we want to be able to provide to different clienteles that have different budgets and different needs. 

The models wearing the collection ! 

I had a fabulous time at the showroom and a lot of fun chatting up with the amazing Ann-Sophie Johansson. Can't wait to see the collection in stores March 6th. 

After the showroom, you know I had to hit the H&M store downstairs ! 

Enjoy ! 


  1. Love those beige boots! Any advice on sizing?

    1. I did not try them on, just saw them in showroom ! Sorry xxx


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