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*Project 10*

I decided to challenge myself this month. If you know me, then you know I have a slight problem with shopping......whether it's beauty, accessories, clothes, shoes you name it. I love it ! I love to shop for myself, love to shop for others, love to take others shopping, all of the above.

This month I will put myself to the test of PROJECT 10.

Project 10 means I am allowed to purchase only 10 items until October 31st inclusively.

Here are the Project 10 rules :

The 10 items include :
- all beauty products, unless I need to repurchase something I use daily. (Ex : face cream, drugstore    mascara, etc. )
- all footwear, shoes, boots, sandals.
- all nail polishes (drugstore or Chanel)
- any item of clothing (Ex : sweaters, pants, tops, leggings, and so on....)

I will share with you as the month goes on, the difficult choices I will have to make, in order to choose my 10 items.
You can be sure I will stay away from malls and Sephora :(

May PROJECT 10 begin !

Hopefully, I will survive..........but do I get a treat at the end ? :)



  1. Haha this is a great idea! But I probably cannot last if I participated in this challenge! :(

    Good luck though! Would love to see how you choose your 10 items. xx

    1. I am gonna try, ww will see what happens ! ;)

  2. Keep it up for your good Work

  3. Love to read your blog!


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