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NOTW : Essie Sand Tropez

Every time I purchase a nude color nail polish it sits on my table for months, because I always find something better to apply that week.

This week with the release of the Chanel greige shade Frenzy, I decided to apply a shade that had never caught my eye before, but that is so popular in the Essie community.
Here is Chanel's Frenzy

And now, I present to you Essie Sand Tropez !

GREIGE is one of the ''it'' colors this fall, it's the perfect mix between a light grey and a light beige and makes the perfect ''office appropriate'' color to wear during the week.

A definite color to add to your collection, because it will never go out of style, it's a classic beige with a little twist and perfect for work !




  1. Ooo, I totally forgot that it's called "Greige" - what a creative name! And it's funny you say that the ST didn't catch your eye before, cos ST is actually one of my very first Essie's!

    And you are right, Essie Sand Tropez is very similar to Chanel Frenzy!! x

    1. Yet I tried to convince myself I did not need Frenzy, but yet again I caved :s
      I can never stay away from Chanel !! Maybe I will post a comparison !

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