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New : InstaLuxury !

I bring to you this week a new little blog post that I will share every Sunday, it's called InstaLuxury, my Instagram pictures of the week !

1. Boyfriend and I after a 21K & 5K marathon !
2. Bubble tea time
3. New BLOG post : Nail of the week
4. Outfit of the day
5. Ogilvy, a little treat ?
6. PolkaDots obsession
7. New BLOG post to finish off summer
8. Outfit of the day : Studs and Dots
9. E-card
10. TGIF Outfit of the day <leather & hearts>
11. New BLOG post : Outfit of the night !
12. Finally received my trainers !
13. <redlips&flowers>

I hope you enjoy this little bit & keep me posted if you have more blog post ideas !

Enjoy !



  1. Aw how cute! Did that programme make all those snapshots for you? How convenient! For blog posts ideas, since you like nails, how about a "fall favourites" for nails? I think I tagged you on Instagram with this but I ended up deleting my post cos the pictures were too crappy. Haha! Maybe you can do a blog version instead :) xx

  2. The program helps you make a mosaic/collage of your instagram picture ! Yes, I am gonna do a fall nailpolish favorites, I am working on fiding the best colors not to be too repetitive. -xxx- P.s. you can find my official facebook webpage LapizofLuxury !

  3. I totally agree with what you have said!!

  4. Thanks a lot for talking about it.


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