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Fall Makeup Wishlist

As soon as fall comes, we change our wardrobe and we change our makeup items. This year the season brings us deep burgundy's and berry colors, in the lipcolors, blush colors and eyeshadow colors.

Here is my fall wishlist makeup items, I need to pick these up asap !

The first makeup item I cannot wait to put my hands on is this fabulous berry-colored blush by Nars called Sin. You cannot go wrong with a Nars blush, they have amazing pigmentation and they blend so beautifully on your cheeks.
Then, I move on to Chanel, how can you even skip a Chanel product, I have been utterly obsessed by this brand from such a young age, and this year Chanel keeps on bringing out amazing collections. The holiday collection that is set to hit counters in the upcoming months has a ridiculous eyeshadow palette. A burgundy color that just caught my eye and that would look amazing as a smokey-eye.
Stella McCartney perfume. No words. I have been wanting this perfume since this summer, but thank God I waited, just look at this limited edition bottle, how can I pass this up.
Finally, my last product is pure perfection, it is the Rose Diamond by Dior. A fabulous highlighter, that can also be used as blush or eye shadows. I already own the Amber Diamond by Dior which is in the browns/neutral colors, and I use it almost everyday. Now, I cannot wait to add Rose Diamond to my collection.
What is your fall makeup wishlist ?

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