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NOTW : RoseGold Combo !

If anybody knows me well, they know I have a slight rather huge obsession with rosegold. Rosegold jewelry, rosegold eye shadows, rosegold watches, rosegold anything basically.

So when the new Essie metallics came out (see blog post here), I was on it ! I had a fabulous combo in mind that I knew I had to try and share, because it's definite winner !

My fabby combo is Essie Penny Talk topped with Essie Luxe Effects in A cut above.

I will let the pictures do the talking !

Please if you have these two colors, try it out, it's the perfect transition to the fall months !



The Hunt for the Chanel Blush

I know I am really late on this train, but at first I thought this product was a regular scam from Chanel, because if you still haven't noticed most makeup companies such as Chanel and MAC make most of their earnings on limited edition products. The companies know that those magic words ''limited-edition'' make all the beauty junkies run for their life !

Obviously, as soon as we hear limited-edition, we fall in the trap and we NEED to get it and now !
I saw this blush a couple of months back, around February at my dear Chanel counter at Ogilvy, the makeup artist made me try it, and I wasn't crazy about it, because at that time I still was not utterly obsessed with blushes, to me it was an unnecessary product.
Little did I know, that a couple of months later, I would fall in the trap and actually WANT and NEED the blush, but ha ha ha let's not forget the ''limited-edition'' factor. So I search and search the Internet and find it obviously on eBay but at a ridiculous deranged price, so I drop my search and try to move on.
A couple of weeks ago, I travelled to Aruba and found myself in the Duty Free makeup section at the airport and what do I see.................................THE BLUSH. I cannot believe it, after phone calls to all the Chanel counters in the city and even some in New York City because I was gonna travel there, it was right in front of me, the infamous ''limited-edition'' blush, that slipped through my fingers a couple of months ago.
Without hesitation, I ask the sales lady, if the display was only a tease or if she really had the product.......she tells me they only have 3 left.....3 seconds later, I was at the cash, breaking the bank, but saving the tax ! :)
So here here to this fabulous blush : CHANEL Horizon de Chanel.
I feel I had to share this experience, because I am pretty sure, all of you have already been in this type of pickle.
Us girls, when we want something, we will get our hands on it !!
Even if it is ''limited-edition'' !

Fall 2012 Trends

Last spring all the designers presented the latest for fall 2012 on their runways and the trend pretty much consisted of Burgundy/Maroon and Polka Dots.

These two trends exploded in all the retail stores, such as J.Crew, H&M, Old Navy and so on, to make it affordable for us fashionista's to keep it in check for fall 2012.
The main color this fall has to be the burgundy/maroon color. This color is present everywhere from skinny jeans to fabulous booties and to even our lips. Burgundy pretty much goes well with any hair color, from blondes to brunettes, so make sure to check out your favorites stores and try something on. You may very well wear this color to the office and to night out.

This next trend is not something everybody is willing to try : The infamous Polka Dots !
You can start slow by trying it out on your iPhone as a cover or go big with a nice pair of polka dot jeans.
This fall take a risk, move away from the neutral black and step outside the box abit !


One Happy Island !

(Shirt H&M, Shorts Zara, Necklace HRHCollection, Handbag Rebecca Minkoff, Sandals Target)

(Dress Old Navy, Necklace Local Boutique, Handbag Rebecca Minkoff, Sandals Target)
(Shirt and Shorts H&M, Sunglasses Marc by Marc Jacobs)

As you can see I made a little pit stop at a certain ''French Boutique'', a wonderful 25th birthday gift from my family and friends !

Ariba Aruba Part I

 (Dress Old Navy, Earrings H&M, Handbag Rebecca Minkoff, Watch Michael Kors)

 (Dress H&M, Wedges Michael Kors, Handbag Rebecca Minkoff, Watch Michael Kors)

 (Shirt Zara, Shorts Old Navy, Necklace H&M, Watch Michael Kors, Handbag Rebecca Minkoff, Sandals Target)

Last week, I had the chance to go on a family vacay to the beautiful island of Aruba. I had such a blast, great food, amazing beach and good company, what else can you ask for !

What's in my travel bag ?

While travelling it is essential to carry with you on the plane the precise items you will need during your flight. But first, you need to have the perfect bag that will hold all that junk, I present to you my Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Travel Tote.

This baby will hold anything and everything.

During a flight I carry with me a little transparent makeup bag that holds all my liquids such as, my Caudalie Beauty Elixir, lip balm, eye contact solution, eye drops and so on. This little trick will prevent you to shove all your ''under 100ml liquids'' into a Ziploc bag, in this transparent pouch everything is visible.

Also, I do not leave the house without my trustworthy Kobo and my travel wallet (see here) !



Casual Florals !

(Pink Jeans H&M, Silk Top Joe Fresh, Jean Shirt H&M, Shoes Zara, Sunglasses Chloé, Bracelet BCBG, Handbag and Watch Michael Kors)

Enjoy !


July Favorites !

July is my favorite month of the year, since it's my birthday and that's when the real summer plans start to come to life, great summer nights, weekend vacays, etc. This July went by in a jiffy and my favorites are basics I pretty much relied on all month.

First of all, I made the recent discovery of this setting spray from Urban Decay. I have always thought that setting sprays were kind of a scam, regular water packaged under a brand name, but this time it was the real deal. The Urban Decay all nighter setting spray really keeps your make up on during the whole day. I spray this baby on in the morning around 8 am after my makeup routine and I come back home around 6 pm looking the exact same. This product really deserves a good try and to help Sephora sells a mini try-out version at around 12$CAN.

I cannot talk enough about this deodorant, the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist that I have been using for the past 1 1/2 month, so I will keep it short and sweet : smells ridiculously amazing, does not stain your clothes, even the black shirts and really stays put all day.

If you cannot notice, I have been obsessed with the Origins brand, so I have been discovering all types of products and I have never been disappointed. The Origins Vitazing SPF15 moisturizer is the perfect face cream for the summer, it contains a sun protector that does not give the white overcast with flash photography and moisturizes your skin without leaving you oily during the day. All in all, the perfect summer cream to apply alone or under makeup, since it contains a nice sheer tint that unifies your skin.

My lips are back to life thanks to the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm. This product has a lot of hype of the Internet and I was sceptic to try it, to the cost of being really disappointed. I am so happy I made the step to purchase it, because I have never found a lip balm that moisturizes my lips this much, without leaving them greasy or sticky. A definite purchase for all lip balm lovers !

Finally, my one and only Nike Free Run 3 running shoes. You cannot understand what this shoe does to your feet until you try them on, it is like having a permanent foot massage while your walking or running. I searched all of Manhattan for these and finally got them on sale, woot woot !
I am even contemplating getting another pair, because you honestly cannot go wrong !

What are your July faves ?!?

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