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Fall 2012 Trends

Last spring all the designers presented the latest for fall 2012 on their runways and the trend pretty much consisted of Burgundy/Maroon and Polka Dots.

These two trends exploded in all the retail stores, such as J.Crew, H&M, Old Navy and so on, to make it affordable for us fashionista's to keep it in check for fall 2012.
The main color this fall has to be the burgundy/maroon color. This color is present everywhere from skinny jeans to fabulous booties and to even our lips. Burgundy pretty much goes well with any hair color, from blondes to brunettes, so make sure to check out your favorites stores and try something on. You may very well wear this color to the office and to night out.

This next trend is not something everybody is willing to try : The infamous Polka Dots !
You can start slow by trying it out on your iPhone as a cover or go big with a nice pair of polka dot jeans.
This fall take a risk, move away from the neutral black and step outside the box abit !

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