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MK for travel !

As many of you travel for business or just for pleasure, it’s not always convenient to bring along a huge wallet that doesn’t fit into a satchel for day or a clutch for night. Behold, I found the perfect sturdy compact wallet that is still stylish and colorful.

I present to you the Michael Kors Saffiano Medium carryall in Pink.

After many trips to the mall to find the perfect compact wallet for a trip to DisneyWorld, I found this baby on a site most of you know called This site offers designer items at a discount price. At first thought, I presumed this site would carry only previous season’s products, but no, Beyond the Rack even carries products that are currently on the shelves of your favorite stores. When I first saw this wallet, I was hesitant because buying online is not always convenient, since you cannot visualize well the product you are interested in. And so, I passed and did not purchase it.

The sale ended and I was empty-handed.

In the meantime, I went to my local Michael Kors boutique to see if I could maybe find the wallet, and see for myself the pros and cons of it. To my surprise, the Michael Kors stores did not even have this wallet in stock, and when I asked the salesgirl, she told me it was part of the new collection and would arrive in a month or so, which gave me even more of an itch to have it.

Two weeks later, offered the same sale and the minute I saw it, it was in my cart and charged to my credit card.

The Michael Kors Saffiano medium carryall filled all my expectations and was more than perfect for my trip. It’s a very sturdy wallet that has enough space for many credit cards (we all know we love our cc’s) and enough space for cash and change. Never mind the travelling, I now use this wallet on a night out to slip into a nice clutch.

Michael Kors now offers different colors and sizes retailing between 100$ and 160$ CAN, but be sure to check out sites like to find the perfect sale.



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