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MAC Tres Cheek and Reel Sexy

April 5th arrived and I was at my local MAC counter to pick up a couple of bits and pieces from the new collections hitting the stores that day.

3 collections came out that day, the Tres Cheek collection consisting of 6 wonderful blushes, the Reel Sexy collection and the Extra Dimension collection.

These past couple of months, I was infected with an obsession for blushes which has led me to numerous beauty counters. None the less, I found myself drawn to the blushes from the MAC Tres Cheek collection, but resisted and only picked one, the best one, Full of joy.
Never in a million years would have I been drawn to this purple colored blush, but the MAC makeup artist convinced me to try it and applied it to my checks and next thing I know, I was already at the cash paying for it. Full of joy is described as a pinkish-lavender with a frost finish that gives that instant glow.

Also, one thing that really pleased me is that Full of Joy does not accentuate pores or little imperfections like many other frost finish blushes, it just sits on your skin perfectly. I didn’t think this color could suit many skin tones, but indeed it does, this blush will instantly brighten up your cheeks. Can you just imagine this blush with a tan this summer……ouf !

The MAC Tres Cheek blushes retail for 24$ CAN at your local MAC store or counter.

Obviously being in a MAC stores involves me picking up new lipsticks, and so I did. I just can’t get enough of that vanilla scent the MAC lipsticks exude. I picked up 2 lipsticks from the Reel Sexy collection, Reel sexy and Watch me simmer.

The first one, Reel sexy is a peachy color that reflects abit on the neon side because of its amplified finish, but it appears perfectly on the lips.

Last but not least, Watch me simmer is a re-release since it was just released in February with the MAC Shop MAC Cook collection. Evidently, when the moment came for me to want to get this lipstick back in February, it was sold out, so I was pleased to pick it up this time around. Watch me simmer is a beautiful pink coral color that has an amplified finish. Add a lipliner to Watch me simmer and it can turn to a perfect bright lip for a fun night out.

These MAC lipsticks retail for 17.50$CAN.

Go on and get ready for summer.


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