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Zara : a Danger Zone !

If you’re ready to dish out some cashmoney, head on over to Zara. This season Zara brings us the best of the the best of the pastels and the colors for spring/summer.
As many of you have already seen in stores and magazines, pastels are the IT trend this summer, it can be displayed with t-shirts, blouses, jeans and dresses and Zara got you covered.
As you step foot in the store, the colors jump to your eyes and you will feel overwhelmed at the amount of stuff, because you don’t know where to start. But rest assured, be wise, control yourself, stay focused and you will exit the danger zone with fabulous pieces and a good conscience.

Here are some fabulous items that almost caught my wallet !
Zara pastel blazer. 79.90$ CAN

The Floral print trousers. 59.90$CAN & 79.90$CAN

The dresses.  99.90$CAN & 99.90$CAN

The blouse. 49.90$CAN

Enjoy !


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  1. Nadia, the sister that you adoooooreApril 14, 2012

    OK JE VEUXXXX le floral print trouser #1!!!


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