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My Top Favourite Jeans

I've been gushing over Dynamite denim since the day I tried on my first pair for many reasons. Let me tell you why I love their denim. When you try on jeans from a brand and you end up taking the same size in every different style and fit, then you know the quality of their design and fit structure is very high. There is nothing more annoying than having to order 2 or 3 sizes of the same pair of jeans just to see which size you will be, even if you've been shopping at a brand for a very long time. I am a size 31 and I always take a size 31 in denim at Dynamite, whether it's the skinny jeans, the wide-leg, the mom jeans, always very consistent. I can now say that I've tried every style of jeans from Dynamite, so let me show you all my faves. 

1. Shop Kate jeans

2. Shop Mika jeans

3. Shop Heidi cargo jeans

4. Shop Heidi jeans

5. Shop Claudia mom jeans

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