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Top luxury hotel in Costa Mujeres

Long time no speak. I know, I know, I haven't been on here in a while but hopefully I will be giving you a whole bunch of goodies to read this year in 2023. One of my main loves in life is travel and now that travel is back in action, we are making different plans and listing our wish destinations. One of them was Costa Mujeres in Mexico. If you've been a seasoned reader, you know that my love for Mexico is very very strong and I've visited many different places in Mexico. There is just something about that country that gets me and when I land in Mexico, I feel at home, I can't really explain it. We are freshly back from our stay at the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres and I have a lot to unpack (all positive). 

Firstly, this was our first trip to an all-inclusive with our toddler. She is almost 2 years old and apparently a beach bunny. After many days of research, the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres came highly recommend, so we decided to go for it and let me tell you it was our best decision. Please keep in mind that the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres is part of the luxury hotels selection, we booked via Air Transat vacations. I've worked with Air Transat on a lot of different projects and have flown with them for many years and I've always trusted them for their selection of great all-inclusive hotels. So let's get into it!

Hotel amenities & site

I am the type of person that does not like a huge huge site for an all-inclusive hotel but also not a hotel that's too small. I'm not the biggest fan of super high-rise resorts also and the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres is sincerely the perfect size. The site was always always beyond clean, every single inch of this hotel was 10 on 10 in regards to cleanliness, from the rooms, to the hallways, to the pool and the restaurants, wow. 

Beach & pools

The main reason why we booked this hotel is for the beach, let me explain. We are not pool people, when I pay to go to an all-inclusive, I pay to be at the beach and we selected the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres because of all the reviews in regards to the beach, options of shade and chairs, let me explain. Firstly, in Costa Mujeres in January, you will still have a small amount of algae but the Majestic had a team in place cleaning the beach every morning, so if you missed the tractor, you would never know there were algae. Secondly, within the strip of hotels (not many) on Costa Mujeres, the Majestic is one of the only ones that offers shade via palapas and day beds, yes you read this correctly. I had actually seen many reviews on this topic but decided to explore for myself, so we walked on both sides and indeed, the next 2 hotels on each side did not have umbrellas, palapas or anything that could offer shade to their clients aside from actual palm trees and bushes. This is one of the main reasons we booked the Majestic, the beach chairs were super high quality, they offered day beds for everybody (first come first serve) and you did not need to fight every morning to secure a spot, there was space for everybody. Also, something else I wanted to mention regarding the beach is that at the time we visited, the beach was wide and flat, so very fun for toddlers and children to just sit, play and build sand castles. Our daughter was obsessed with finding shellfish! 

Now the pools, so the Majestic is mainly a swim-up hotel, I would say. This means that they offer a lot of rooms with the swim up option and if your room is facing the interior of the site, then your swim up is linked to some of the pools. We were also debating getting the swim up option for when our toddler naps in the room, but she ended up sleeping on the beach beds almost every day. Once again, we are not pool people but the pool was good and they had a mini pool for kids which was perfect. 


So this will be brief because we've never eaten this well in a resort ever!!! The food was 12 on 10, from filet mignon for lunch to ceviches by the beach, to custom smoothies every morning, we ate like king and queens. So many options, and so many healthy options! After 7 days, you really do not get tired of the food because you end up with so much choice. Every day at lunch, the hotel sets up a bbq style section where they offer high quality hamburgers and hot-dogs but everyday the menu would change, one day it was tacos, another seafood, another amazing meats on the grill, i've never had ''beach food'' of this caliber. Aside from this, all the restaurants were very good and I truly was able to eat so healthy with so many veggies all week.


The service was very very good, the whole team from front desk to servers to bartenders were beyond accommodating with children. We had a crib in our room for our daughter, they filled our fridge with a carton of whole milk for her nighttime milk, they were amazing.

Lastly because the hotel does not have a splash park or any big kids activities, it was not filled with kids running around. When we were there, there were a lot of kids but mostly babies and toddlers and it really was super pleasant. As someone who likes to be in pretty aesthetic hotels, it was truly nice to be in a gorgeous hotel, by an amazing beach, eating great food but that was super accommodating and fun for our kid. If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should right here

If you wish to book the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres for your next trip, you can visit here.

*This post is not sponsored or gifted. All opinions are my own.

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