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My Top Amazon Big Spring Sale picks

It's that time of year again, where you can find all the best deals on Amazon. I did a little casual roundup of my favourite items that are currently on sale and worth getting at this price. Do you have any Amazon faves that I should be checking out? You can shop my Amazon storefront directly here


How to pack swimsuits for your vacation with la Vie en Rose

Packing swimsuits for your vacation can be a complicated task but I’m here to spill the beans on my strategy that I’ve perfected over the years. Swimwear is not the easiest department in fashion, why? Because we want to look our absolute best at all times and swimwear exposes you. After travelling to many warm destinations over the years, I would say that I’ve really mastered the packing of swimwear. Let me guide you through my 4 rules.

Faire ses valises et organiser des maillots de bain pour vos vacances peut être une tâche compliquée, mais je suis ici pour dévoiler ma stratégie que j'ai perfectionnée au fil des années. Le maillot de bain n'est pas le département le plus simple de la mode, pourquoi ? Parce que nous voulons être à notre meilleur à tout moment et les maillots de bain nous exposent. Après avoir voyagé dans de nombreuses destinations soleils au fil des années, je dirais que je maîtrise vraiment l'art d'inclure des maillots de bain dans les valises. Laissez-moi vous guider à travers mes 4 règles.

Rule #1 – Be confident
I know it can be hard to read if you don’t feel your best self but always make sure you go into your trip loving your body, loving how you look and telling yourself that nobody is analyzing you on the beach, it’s all in your head.

Règle n° 1 - Soyez confiante
Je sais que cela peut être difficile à lire si vous ne vous sentez pas au meilleur de vous-même, mais assurez-vous toujours de commencer votre voyage en aimant votre corps, en aimant votre apparence et en vous disant que personne ne vous analyse sur la plage, tout est dans votre tête.

Rule #2 – Pack a one-piece
I always always pack a one-piece for my trips for many reasons. If we have a water activity where I need everything in check, for those days when I feel bloated, for those days where I don’t feel like being exposed and for days where you need to cover up more from the sun. This one-piece from la Vie en Rose is elegant yet trendy, offers more coverage and you can find so many styles with different necklines.

Règle n° 2 – Rajoutez un une-pièce
J'emporte toujours toujours un une-pièce pour mes voyages pour de nombreuses raisons. Si nous avons une activité aquatique où j'ai besoin que tout reste en place, pour les jours où je me sens ballonnée, pour les jours où je n'ai pas envie d'être exposé et pour les jours où il faut se couvrir davantage du soleil. Ce une-pièce de la Vie en Rose est élégant mais tendance, offre plus de couverture et vous pouvez trouver autant de styles avec des décolletés différents.

Rule #3 – Pack a bikini that offers support and a great fit
This might sound very obvious but finding swimsuits that fits you perfectly especially in the bust area can be a challenge, so always make sure you opt for one swimsuit that fits like lingerie, which means sizing is in cups. La Vie en Rose has great options for D and DD cup swimsuits. For my body type, I always opt for a DD-cup bikini top to make sure I feel supported in the bust area, I am comfortable and the straps are adjustable just like this gorgeous set that I wore to Punta Cana last month.

Règle n° 3 - Rajoutez un bikini qui offre un soutien et un ajustement parfait
Cela peut sembler très évident, mais trouver des maillots de bain qui vous vont parfaitement, en particulier au niveau de la poitrine, peut être un défi, alors assurez-vous toujours d'opter pour un maillot de bain qui vous va comme de la lingerie, ce qui signifie que la taille est en bonnets. La Vie en Rose a d'excellentes options pour les maillots de bain à bonnets D et DD. Pour mon corps, j'opte toujours pour un haut de bikini bonnet DD, afin de m'assurer que je me sentes soutenue au niveau de la poitrine, que je suis à l'aise et que le bikini a des bretelles ajustables tout comme ce magnifique ensemble que j'ai porté à Punta Cana le mois dernier.

Rule #4 – Pack mix and match bikinis
You obviously want to the most of your swimsuit selections, so I always make sure I include mix and match options in my swimwear lineup, so I can be creative with my options and I can change my look everyday and have different combinations. It’s fun and when you find amazing pieces like this floral and lilac combo from la Vie en Rose, they remain in your closet for years.

Règle n°4 – Mélangez et assortissez les bikinis
Vous voulez évidemment tirer le meilleur de votre sélection de maillots de bain, donc je m'assure toujours d'inclure des options de mix-and-match dans ma gamme de maillots de bain, afin que je puisse être créative avec mes options et que je puisse changer mon look tous les jours et avoir différentes combinaisons. C'est le fun et lorsque vous trouvez des pièces superbes comme ce combo floral et lilas de la Vie en Rose, elles restent dans votre garde-robe pendant des années.

Lastly, make sure you find pieces that look good on your body shape and make you feel good, I always take a look at the selection from la Vie en Rose for all my trips at

Enfin, assurez-vous de trouver des pièces qui s'adaptent bien à votre corps et qui vous donne confiance en soi, je regarde toujours la sélection de la Vie en Rose avant tous mes voyages sur

*This article is in partnership with la Vie en Rose, however all opinions are mine.
*Cet article est en partenariat avec la Vie en Rose, cependant toutes les opinions sont les miennes.


My Top Favourite Jeans

I've been gushing over Dynamite denim since the day I tried on my first pair for many reasons. Let me tell you why I love their denim. When you try on jeans from a brand and you end up taking the same size in every different style and fit, then you know the quality of their design and fit structure is very high. There is nothing more annoying than having to order 2 or 3 sizes of the same pair of jeans just to see which size you will be, even if you've been shopping at a brand for a very long time. I am a size 31 and I always take a size 31 in denim at Dynamite, whether it's the skinny jeans, the wide-leg, the mom jeans, always very consistent. I can now say that I've tried every style of jeans from Dynamite, so let me show you all my faves. 

1. Shop Kate jeans

2. Shop Mika jeans

3. Shop Heidi cargo jeans

4. Shop Heidi jeans

5. Shop Claudia mom jeans


Top luxury hotel in Costa Mujeres

Long time no speak. I know, I know, I haven't been on here in a while but hopefully I will be giving you a whole bunch of goodies to read this year in 2023. One of my main loves in life is travel and now that travel is back in action, we are making different plans and listing our wish destinations. One of them was Costa Mujeres in Mexico. If you've been a seasoned reader, you know that my love for Mexico is very very strong and I've visited many different places in Mexico. There is just something about that country that gets me and when I land in Mexico, I feel at home, I can't really explain it. We are freshly back from our stay at the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres and I have a lot to unpack (all positive). 

Firstly, this was our first trip to an all-inclusive with our toddler. She is almost 2 years old and apparently a beach bunny. After many days of research, the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres came highly recommend, so we decided to go for it and let me tell you it was our best decision. Please keep in mind that the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres is part of the luxury hotels selection, we booked via Air Transat vacations. I've worked with Air Transat on a lot of different projects and have flown with them for many years and I've always trusted them for their selection of great all-inclusive hotels. So let's get into it!

Hotel amenities & site

I am the type of person that does not like a huge huge site for an all-inclusive hotel but also not a hotel that's too small. I'm not the biggest fan of super high-rise resorts also and the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres is sincerely the perfect size. The site was always always beyond clean, every single inch of this hotel was 10 on 10 in regards to cleanliness, from the rooms, to the hallways, to the pool and the restaurants, wow. 

Beach & pools

The main reason why we booked this hotel is for the beach, let me explain. We are not pool people, when I pay to go to an all-inclusive, I pay to be at the beach and we selected the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres because of all the reviews in regards to the beach, options of shade and chairs, let me explain. Firstly, in Costa Mujeres in January, you will still have a small amount of algae but the Majestic had a team in place cleaning the beach every morning, so if you missed the tractor, you would never know there were algae. Secondly, within the strip of hotels (not many) on Costa Mujeres, the Majestic is one of the only ones that offers shade via palapas and day beds, yes you read this correctly. I had actually seen many reviews on this topic but decided to explore for myself, so we walked on both sides and indeed, the next 2 hotels on each side did not have umbrellas, palapas or anything that could offer shade to their clients aside from actual palm trees and bushes. This is one of the main reasons we booked the Majestic, the beach chairs were super high quality, they offered day beds for everybody (first come first serve) and you did not need to fight every morning to secure a spot, there was space for everybody. Also, something else I wanted to mention regarding the beach is that at the time we visited, the beach was wide and flat, so very fun for toddlers and children to just sit, play and build sand castles. Our daughter was obsessed with finding shellfish! 

Now the pools, so the Majestic is mainly a swim-up hotel, I would say. This means that they offer a lot of rooms with the swim up option and if your room is facing the interior of the site, then your swim up is linked to some of the pools. We were also debating getting the swim up option for when our toddler naps in the room, but she ended up sleeping on the beach beds almost every day. Once again, we are not pool people but the pool was good and they had a mini pool for kids which was perfect. 


So this will be brief because we've never eaten this well in a resort ever!!! The food was 12 on 10, from filet mignon for lunch to ceviches by the beach, to custom smoothies every morning, we ate like king and queens. So many options, and so many healthy options! After 7 days, you really do not get tired of the food because you end up with so much choice. Every day at lunch, the hotel sets up a bbq style section where they offer high quality hamburgers and hot-dogs but everyday the menu would change, one day it was tacos, another seafood, another amazing meats on the grill, i've never had ''beach food'' of this caliber. Aside from this, all the restaurants were very good and I truly was able to eat so healthy with so many veggies all week.


The service was very very good, the whole team from front desk to servers to bartenders were beyond accommodating with children. We had a crib in our room for our daughter, they filled our fridge with a carton of whole milk for her nighttime milk, they were amazing.

Lastly because the hotel does not have a splash park or any big kids activities, it was not filled with kids running around. When we were there, there were a lot of kids but mostly babies and toddlers and it really was super pleasant. As someone who likes to be in pretty aesthetic hotels, it was truly nice to be in a gorgeous hotel, by an amazing beach, eating great food but that was super accommodating and fun for our kid. If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should right here

If you wish to book the Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres for your next trip, you can visit here.

*This post is not sponsored or gifted. All opinions are my own.


My top 3 swimsuits from La Vie en Rose

It's no secret that finding the right swimsuit is not an easy task, especially when you are blessed with curves. When you are wearing a swimsuit, you want to feel your best, you want to feel confident, you want to feel gorgeous. I recently took a little trip to la Vie en Rose to discover their new swimsuit selections and I was very happy with the amount of selection, especially for us curvy ladies. I wanted to make sure I was covering different categories of swimsuits from one-piece, to a tankini and to a bandeau style.
Ce n'est pas un secret que trouver le bon maillot de bain n'est pas une tâche facile, surtout lorsqu'on a des courbes. Lorsque vous portez un maillot de bain, vous voulez vous sentir à votre meilleur, vous voulez vous sentir en confiance, vous voulez vous sentir bien. J'ai récemment fait un petit tour à la Vie en Rose pour découvrir leurs nouvelles sélections de maillots de bain et j'étais très contente de la quantité de sélection, surtout pour nous les femmes rondes. Je voulais vous présenter les différentes catégories de maillots de bain, du une-pièce au tankini en passant par le style bandeau.

After trying on many swimsuits in store at La Vie en Rose, I wanted to happily share that their swimsuit range is very true to size. I wanted to give you an honest review and try different styles to let you know how to select your size. I will be letting you know which size I chose for every style.
Après avoir essayé de nombreux maillots de bain en magasin chez La Vie en Rose, je voulais partager avec joie que leur gamme de maillots de bain est très fidèle à la taille. Je voulais vous donner une critique honnête et essayer différents styles pour vous permettre de choisir votre taille. Je vous ferai savoir quelle taille j'ai choisie pour chaque style.

The one-piece 
Firstly, let's talk about the one-piece. A one-piece is a classic swimsuit that every woman needs in their swimsuit collection. It's an easy to put on, super practical for sports and activities (also running around after a toddler on the beach), often comes with a variety of different ways that you can use the straps and you just feel elegant in it. Also, one trick we often forget, is that your one-piece swimsuits can be used as bodysuits during the fall and winter, it looks amazing with jeans or pants for a night out. I opted for this gorgeous one shoulder one-piece in pink for that summer pop of colour, it gave me the perfect amount of coverage. I just felt so confident in this one-piece around the pool and I felt like it stays perfectly in place, especially thanks for the adjustable straps. (wearing size XL)

Le Une-pièce
Parlons d'abord du Une-pièce. Le Une-pièce est un maillot de bain classique dont chaque femme a besoin dans sa collection de maillots de bain. C'est facile à mettre, super pratique pour les sports et les activités (également pour courir après un tout-petit sur la plage) et il y a souvent différentes façons d'utiliser les bretelles pour le support et avoir des looks différents. De plus, une astuce que nous oublions souvent, c'est que vos maillots de bain Une-pièce peuvent être utilisés comme des bodysuits pendant l'automne et l'hiver, parfait avec un jean ou un pantalon pour une soirée. J'ai opté pour ce magnifique Une-pièce à une épaule en rose pour cette touche de couleur estivale. Je me sentais tellement en confiance dans ce maillot Une-pièce autour de la piscine et j'avais l'impression qu'il reste parfaitement en place, surtout grâce aux bretelles ajustables. (je porte la taille XL)

The bandeau

As a curvy girl, I really wanted to test out the bandeau swimsuits to give you an honest review and let me tell you, I’m so so happy! I’ve dreamed of wearing bandeau style swimsuits while on vacation for so long, because every girl wants those perfect tan lines. I was so happy with this style because it has removable straps which help you create different styles (criss-cross, halter and strapless) and because the bandeau is longer, it does provide more support. I feel so good in this coral bandeau bikini and I get good support. (wearing size XL)

Le bandeau
En tant que fille avec des courbes, je voulais absolument tester les maillots de bain bandeau pour vous donner mon avis et laissez-moi vous dire, je suis tellement contente! Je rêve de porter des maillots de bain de style bandeau pour mes vacances pendant si longtemps, parce que toutes les filles veulent un bronzage parfait, bien évidemment. J'étais tellement impressionnée par ce style parce qu'il a des bretelles amovibles qui vous aident à créer différents styles (entrecroisés, licou et sans bretelles) et vu que le bandeau est plus long vers le bas, il offre plus de soutien. Je me sens super bien dans ce bikini et je sens que j'ai un bon support. (je porte la taille XL)

The tankini
The tankini top is known to provide more support on the bust area thanks to the large elastic band at the under-bust and that is exactly why I adore this style! I opted for this gorgeous black and white tankini and it’s ideal for those days when you want a bit more coverage but you still want to opt for a two-piece swimsuit. I feel supported yet I feel super stylish with this cami style tankini that I can easily mix and match with so many different bottoms style. To be perfectly honest, the tankini is not a style I usually gravitate towards but la Vie en Rose offers so many amazing patterns that I really fell in love, so many different styles: some with less coverage and some with more coverage depending on your liking. (wearing size Large)

Le tankini
Le haut de tankini est connu pour apporter plus de maintien au niveau de la poitrine grâce à la large bande élastique sous la poitrine et c'est exactement pour cela que j'adore ce style ! J'ai opté pour ce magnifique tankini noir et blanc et il est idéal pour les jours où vous voulez être un peu plus couverte, mais que vous voulez toujours opter pour un maillot de bain deux pièces. Je me sens soutenue, mais je me sens super stylée avec ce tankini de style cami que je peux facilement mélanger et assortir avec tant de styles de bas différents. Pour être tout à fait honnête, le tankini n'est pas un style vers lequel je gravite habituellement, mais la Vie en Rose offre tellement de motifs incroyables que j'en suis vraiment tombée amoureuse, tellement de styles différents : certains qui couvrent plus et d'autres qui couvrent un peu moins, vous choisissez selon vos goûts. (je porte la taille Large)

Finding the right swimsuit for your holidays is always something woman struggle with but I think the key is knowing what looks good on your body shape and trying on as many pieces as you can. Trust yourself, try different things and go check out the amazing selection at

Trouver le bon maillot de bain pour les vacances est toujours quelque chose avec lequel les femmes ont de de la difficulté, mais je crois vraiment que la clé est de savoir ce qui nous va bien selon notre corps et d'essayer autant de pièces que possible. Faites-vous confiance, essayez différents modèles et allez voir la sélection incroyable sur

*This article is in partnership with La Vie en Rose, however all opinions are mine.

* Cet article a été créé en partenariat avec La Vie en Rose. Mes propos reflètent mes propres opinions.
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