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Beauty-Full Volume by Tresemmé

From a very young age, I’ve always made my mom’s life difficult when it came to my hair. I’ve always had super thick and coarse hair and already at 4 years old, I wanted independence when it came to my hair game. Fast-forward 25 years, my mom does not have a say in my hair care system but she sure knows the hassle I go through to find good products that actually make a difference on my hair. When washing your hair is a hassle, trust me when I say you want to be out of the shower in no time and cut your hair drying time in half because it can become a whole ordeal. I teamed up with Tresemmé to put to the test their new Beauty-Full Volume collection and I am very pleased. My first love: the pre-conditioner. In the past, I did not use conditioner because I felt like it weighed down my hair and made them get dirty way faster. When I heard the Tresemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-wash Conditioner had to be used before shampoo, I felt like the energies had heard all my hair complaints ;) Then, I continue with the Tresemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo that washes away weight and all excess conditioner and creates a smooth canvas. I always let my hair air-dry during the night but right before going to bed, I apply the Tresemmé hair maximizer to ensure that soft volume in the morning and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. In the morning, I’m ready to style my hair and guess what, it doesn’t take my hours and hours ;) Now, it’s your time to test out the new Tresemmé Beauty-Full Collection.
*I have received the products mentioned in my blog post for free from Tresemmé, and I have received compensation from Rogers to review them. The opinions expressed in my blog are my own and not those of Rogers or Tresemmé.

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