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Sally Hansen : Miracle Gel

You can say Miracle all right ;p

I have a thing for pastels and this summer it has definitely become my weak point. Add a gel finish to the mixture and I am the happiest girl in the world.

Sally Hansen has seriously been on there A game recently and they have gained the top spot on my list with this new Miracle Gel Manicure formula. I always say that I love the lazy girl's product, well I'm not lying because I hate applying my mani and being stuck with my fingers in the air and not being productive, I just can't deal.
Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Formula is the key to my success ;) No lamp needed, no sitting down for hours on end. You just apply your favourite color, add the special top coat and within 5 minutes you are good to go. I love an extra shiny nail, so I also added my ultimate top coat to the mix and I have the perfect mani.

Basically looks like I just left the joke !

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