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A Girly Palladium

My goal this summer was to find the perfect pair of sneakers because as you can tell, I've been wearing my Nike's to death. Luckily, I fell upon this gorgeous pair of Palladium Flex Lace sneakers that were exactly what I was looking for, the perfect white pair of kicks.
Bustin' a move at all times ;p
Dress Mango | Denim Jacket Zara | Sunglasses Joe Fresh | Sneakers Palladium | Earrings THPSHOP

I wore these bad boys Palladium Flex Lace kicks while playing tourist in Cuba and they were the perfect accessory to my kimono's, my denim shorts or my girly dresses. 

Palladium is a brand I discovered this year and that I have grown to really adore, to the point where I converted the boyfriend, and that's big ;)

The comfiest the sneaker, the happier the girl ! 

Enjoy !

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