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LaSalle College - Signature 2014

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the College LaSalle Signature 2014 fashion show. I certainly wasn't going to miss my school's big night :)
Photo credits : S├ębastien Roy and Ever Cruz

It's crazy to see the work of young students on a runway. The pieces are made with such attention and detail, it was marvellous to see all the hard work pay off.

I am always so impressed with the artistic direction behind a fashion show and this one was certainly on point. From the lighting to the images displayed during the walks, it was all so cohesive and professional.

LaSalle College is known to be the best Fashion School in Canada and they certainly lived up to their big title during the Signature 2014 fashion show. 


  1. I love to see the work of students as well, because they really pay attention to detail and they don't take things for granted. I would have love to see this show in person. Great blog!!

    1. Thx you so much for reading xox


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