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Brand Focus : Maybelline Mass

I decided to add a new feature to the blog, a Brand Focus. The brand focus will either be a new discovery for me in the beauty or fashion world or simply some of the top products you should try in the range of the brand. 

This week, I am diving in the world of Maybelline. Tell me who has never owned a Maybelline mascara in their life ?!

For my part, I have used many products from Maybelline in the past such as mascara's and liquid liners. For this segment, I decided to give it a go with Maybelline products I had never thought of picking up and let me tell you, I went back to the drugstore and got me some more. 

Starting with the top row :
- Maybelline Master Glaze Blush -
This creamish blush is a new product that Maybelline has added to their range. It comes in a stick format and it's super easy to apply, I fell in love with this deep tone, which will be perfect for fall. Am I really thinking about fall already ?! I need to stop ;p

- Maybelline The Elixir -
Oh boy ! These babies are heaven for you lips, literally. Many companies came out with this type of product in the last year and I was very skeptical to try them, because I usually do not like an in-between lip gloss and lipstick type of product. I was pleasantly surprised with this baby. The Maybelline Elixir glides on your lips perfectly, offers the perfect amount of colour, smells divine and is not sticky. I already went back for a second colour and I am contemplating returning to make an orange-toned pick.

- Maybelline Master Hi-Light -
This product is considered a hi-lighting bronzer and it does exactly what its suppose to. I add a bit of this to my cheeks with mascara and I am out the door. It combines the perfect amount of peachy, bronzy and shiny which results in the mixture of a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter in one go. 

- Maybelline Lipstick -
I had tried their line of lipsticks once and I am still very happy with the results. Their range of colour is phenomenal. Every time, I have a specific look in my head, I always turn to the Maybelline counter to find the latest, the formula is very good and not drying.

- Maybelline Color Show Nailpolishes -
Maybelline recently came out with their nail polish range and let me tell you they do not disappoint, at such a mere price and such a wide range, it's a total bargain and a must next time you hit the drugstore.

- Maybelline Color Show Khol Liner -
I got this new obsession with brown liner. I want to steer away from the harsh black liquid liner. Sometimes it feels nice to have a more natural look while still remaining put-together and this liner does the trick. The Maybelline Khol Liner does not transfer to my lids and stays on all day. 

What I love most about Maybelline is that their price range doesn't do the brand justice, they offer such good quality at such a mere price, that it's totally worth it to dish out the $$$, every single time ! 

What are you favourite Maybelline products ? 

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  1. Makeup is my weakness and this Maybelline products are my extra favorite.I was so busy to check out these products that I requested my friend to write an essay for me. Thanks for the share.


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