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The Makeup For Ever HD Blushes

Last month, I attended the launch of the new Makeup Forever HD Blushes and it fell perfectly because since last year, I have battling a small Blush addiction ;p

This Makeup For Ever event was separated in three fun stations. For the first one, we had a nice introduction from a talented Makeup Up For Ever artist who explained to us the different techniques and ways these new MUFE HD Blushes can be used, depending on the effect you want.

Secondly, we were paired with another Makeup Up For Ever makeup artist that chose the ultimate MUFE HD Blush shade for our skin colour and showed us the perfect way of applying these blushes. The cool part was that the makeup artist only applied the blush on one half of our face because we had to recreate her technique on the other half. 

Our final stop was at a caricaturist's station where he drew us applying the new gorgeous Makeup Up For Ever HD Blushes

The new Makeup Up For Ever HD Blushes come in a variety of 16 natural & colourful shades perfect for every skin tone, but the aspect that I loved the most is the fact that they blend like butter. They are very pigmented but once applied they can be blended to the exact effect you want to create. I sure have a problem with cream blushes but these are different, they melt in the skin and create such a natural effect, they can even be applied with the fingers. 

I got to come home with two gorgeous MUFE HD Blushes : a gorgeous coral tint and a nice dark berry colour, something totally different from my usual suspects.

All in all, this is my very first dip in the Makeup Up For Ever world and it certainly will not be the last. 
You should definitely give these a try next time you are in Sephora.

Enjoy !  


  1. Thanks for the tip...i don't ever know what color is right for me....but it looked great on you... i need to learn more about putting on make-up like you...enjoy your make-up and if you ever want to see what i have feel free thanks....................

  2. I love make up forever products. Have you tried the full coverage foundation.

    1. No, this was my first dip in the MUFE world but I have always wanted to try the HD Foundation, is it good ?


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