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My Persona Bangle

I have a thing for bangles, but I am very picky and difficult on the different types of bangles that are out there. I like sleek, clean and simple bangles that are not overbearing and that fit perfectly with my watches. 

When Persona approached me to choose one of their pieces, I knew at first glance the pieces that I needed in my collection and that would fit like a glove with my style.

What I really loved about this bracelet compared to the mass competition of charm bangles that is out there, is that this bangle has a twist design and allows you to add two charms at each end to create a certain look.

I opted for the rocker look and added two Persona Heavy Metal Beads at the end of my Twist Silver Bangle.

I love mixing my metals : so I wear my Persona Bangle with my classic gold bangle and everyone of my watches.

Here is a picture of my Persona Bangle during NYFW, it was my perfect accessory !

Check out their website, they have a million different options of gems and beads and all types of different bracelets

They also ship to Canada for reasonable cost.

Enjoy !

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