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A Garden Party Look : YSL Spring 2014

The minute I laid eyes on this YSL collection, a whole garden setup invaded my dreamy thoughts. 

Beautiful pink, red and coral roses around a nice table setting for an afternoon tea on a nice spring day. Many of you know that I am a sucker for anything limited edition. I am the perfect makeup consumer for all those high-end companies ;p !


Team Paris

Montreal is my hometown but Paris is my city...


From the NYFW Runway to the stores : BCBG S/S 2014

Last September, I had the opportunity to attend NYFW for the first time and see the BCBG Spring Summer 2014 collection. To sum it all up, a runway fashion show is a very fast process and you barely have time to catch the perfect pic while admiring the clothes. All in all, it makes me love fashion even more but to see the actual clothes in real life and feel their texture perfectly concludes the experience. 

On a cold November morning, I had the opportunity to have a sneak peek on these fabulous pieces straight out of the runway. Why did I wait so long to show you these pics ? 

Because I feel like we were not very blessed with the weather this winter and now that we are in the new year and close to Spring, why not start prepping our spring wardrobes ?!

This jumpsuit made my heart stop when I first saw it. The detailing and the masculinity of it all makes it even more perfect even if it exudes a very simple vibe. 

Show up at a party in this jumpsuit and you'll be lookin' fly ! 

Now this dress : 2 words : Prints & Prints ! That is all ;)

Oh Herve Herve Herve, Herve Leger that is ! The classic maker of the bandage dress. Personally, I love the feminine feel he adds to the bandage dresses that have a little flare. 

This spring and summer watch out for the pastels and the nudes, I could already imagine 101 different looks in my head with this gorgeous pastel pink blazer. One thing is for sure, BCBG sure knows how to do a nice tailored classic blazer, a good investment in my opinion.

Next : Nude jumpsuit, need I say more ?! 

Finally, this last dress makes me want to move to Greece and walk on the beach (while obviously having a desert or a Souvlaki sandwich in my hand). 

You can catch the BCBG Spring Summer 2014 and Herve Leger collections in stores at both of the Ste-Catherine Ouest locations. 

What will you be wearing next Spring ?!


All Grey Everyday

Shall I start explaining on how I stalked the Zara website for these silver Oxford shoes ?! 
These babies are the perfect pick-me-up to any simple outfit. When fall arrived, I fell into this monotone-like vibe of wearing the same color or the same palette of color from head to toe. 

No outfit would be a LapizofLuxury outfit without a pop of colour ! 

Coat Zara | Sweater H&M | Jeans OldNavy | Beanie H&M | Oxford Shoes Zara | Sunglasses RayBan

As many of you know, I am finishing up my Masters this year and let's be honest, I am at University half of the time and the other half at coffee shops studying, so you know I'll be rocking some comfy outfits. 

But in my book, you can always look cute even without heels and some thick makeup and let's be fo real, who goes to school in 4 inch stilettos ?! 

I hope this style inspires you to look put-together even if you'll be hanging with your lappy and your books all day ! 

Enjoy ! 


Benefit Newbies - Lollitint & the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

As you know Benefit is a fun and girly makeup brand that always displays their products in the most fun and happy packaging.

Last year, I fell head over heels the Benefit POREfessional primer and it hasn't left my makeup bag ever since.

I have a thing for cream blushes and Benefit offers a fair share of liquid blushes which are a new and fun way for me to add a little flush to my cheeks. Rewind back to 2 years ago, I fell in love with a purple-toned blush from which I got so many compliments as I wore it all winter long and well into the summer.

Let's come back to the present, Benefit just launched the new Lollitint purple-toned blush which adds the perfect little plump to your cheeks. (36$CAN)

I must admit, at the beginning, I was very doubtful of the application of this product. I did not want to stroke the bristles of the brush straight to my face. This led me to apply a small quantity to the top of my hand and to use a duofiber brush to dab it on my cheeks for the perfect application. I have a tendency of overdosing on blush but this blush really helps you control the addiction of applying and leaves you with a nice stain. 

Secondly, my partner-in-crime, the POREfessional just got his new ally : the Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine. This powder has an integrated little brush which helps you apply this product on-the-go. The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine invisible powder gets rid of the shine on your face or T-zone instantly. I use this powder at the end of a work day if I am off to a late supper and I plan on making a lot of use of this during the summer. (36$CAN)

Benefit is really good brand that is worth exploring, it makes your makeup routine a fun time ! 

Enjoy ! 


Tartan Swag

I am born and raised in Montreal but every winter, I still struggle with the lack of sun and cold weather. When winter hits our city, my everyday goal is to add a little spice and colour to my dark and neutral outfits. This time, I fell into the Tartan obsession and grabbed this Zara scarf, as soon as it hit the online store. It is no secret that I am a very loyal Zara customer and since they've opened an online-store, I have been loving it but my bank account has been suffering.

Dress VeroModa | Scarf Zara | Beenie Forever21 | Booties Target | Lips YSL Rouge Pur Couture #54

Enjoy !


Awfully Cozy in Awfully Pretty

Let's not kid ourselves, it is very funny being a fashion blogger in Canada, more specifically Montreal, where we can reach record temperatures such as last week with a minus 40C. While taking pictures, I always imagine myself on the beach with my toes in the sand, the mind can do magic things and Boom a photo shoot later, my trick works.

This week, I am collaborating with a great Montreal based online store called Awfully Pretty When I first heard the name, I giggled as I love the antithesis effect of the stores name.

Cardigan Awfully Pretty | Knit JoeFresh | Pants Dynamite | Boots NineWest | Hat Aldo | Ring H&M

Awfully Pretty is a Montreal based online store ran by Kelly who creates a different setup by juxtaposing light feminine pieces such as camis and soft jewelry to nice cozy knits and vintage furs.

Here are my top picks from the Awfully Pretty Online Store :

This week you can benefit from an amazing 20% discount on everything in the store with the code 
"LapizofLuxury" until January 14th. 

Shop, shop away now !

Enjoy ! 


My 2013 Product Revelation

When someone asks you "what was the best product you discovered in 2013 ?", let's be honest it's a very hard question to answer. For me, this week, when I asked myself this question, I knew the answer right away. 

You know when you're on the hunt for the best...hand cream, face cream, shower gel, etc. well, I tend to be that type of person who is always looking for the best of the best, the cream of the crop. This year I came across amazing products that I had the opportunity to try out. Also, when I say that something is good, it's because I usually have something else to compare it too. 

Let me put you in perspective : I have a thing for lip balms. I search and search and search until I find the right one and this year, I DID. 

I have lip balms everywhere I turn, from my winter coats, to my handbag, to my purse.

The Clarins HydraQuench Moisture Repair Lip Balm is my product Revelation of 2013. This lip balm was so good that I bought another tube, without even finishing one up. 

The Clarins Lip Balm is the For the first 2 weeks that I was using it, I was transferring it every night from my purse to my night stand, then I decided I would bite the bullet and buy another tube. 

The Clarins HydraQuench Moisture Repair Lip Balm ain't no joke, it really repairs your lips without having the thick Vaseline-like feel to it. You can easily apply it at night and during the work day, without looking like a big lips mama.

I am going to be honest, this Clarins Lip Balm does retail at 25$CAN, but if you add up all the crappy lip balms you have used in the past, it is definetely worth it.

The Clarins HydraQuench Moisture Repair Lip Balm is available at every Clarins counter.

Enjoy ! 
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