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A Garden Party Look : YSL Spring 2014

The minute I laid eyes on this YSL collection, a whole garden setup invaded my dreamy thoughts. 

Beautiful pink, red and coral roses around a nice table setting for an afternoon tea on a nice spring day. Many of you know that I am a sucker for anything limited edition. I am the perfect makeup consumer for all those high-end companies ;p !

Behold for this amazing eyeshadow palette from YSL called the Pivoine Crush : an array of pink-toned colours with a nice pop of brown to smoke any look-up. These colours hold a lot of shimmer in them which is usually something I do not like, but in this case, the colours are light and not overbearing so the shimmer is very subtle and sexy.

This mascara is the Queen-B of all mascaras in this world in my opinion. I die for this mascara and I think I may have repurchased it at least 3 times since we kindled our love. Take note that I have converted my sister, who is the last person on earth that would spend that kind of money on mascara, but on YSL Faux Cils, oh baby she will !

This Spring YSL adds a fun twist to my bestie-mascara by bringing it out in a nice subtle dark purple YSL Mascara Effet Faux Cills in Captivating Purple 36$CAD.

Then, let's talk about my favourite topic : lipstick !

Can we just take a minute to drool over the packaging on these bad boys ;p
YSL knocks it off of the ball park with their luxurious gold packing. Imagining just wiping this lipstick out of your purse, so glam !
YSL Rouge Volupté N.32 Jealous Coral 39$CAD
YSL Rouge Volupté  N.31 - Fuchsia Storm 39$ CAD

Wearing YSL Rouge Volupté N.32 Jealous Coral, a nice subtle coral pop to the lips.

Wearing YSL Rouge Volupté  N.31 - Fuchsia Storm, my current fave kind of color to rock on these crazy cold months ! 

This amazing YSL Spring Look 2014 will be available in February on all YSL counters. If you are a makeup fanatic or if you like nice subtle spring nuances, you should definitely ''accidentally'' end up the YSL counter while shopping with the hubby. 

A "Ooops, how did I end up here" type of situation ! 


  1. The last lipstick (pink) is gorg!

    1. Thanks, perfect for all seasons :)

  2. I love it!!
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