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My love for Cream Shadows

When summer arrives, I usually reduce all makeup and resort to some minimal looks. In order to achieve these minimal looks, I have turned towards cream products. Now, it's time for me to share with you my love for the cream shadows. The perfect tool for the lazy girl that wants a put-together look without spending 20 minutes in front of the mirror. 


My Disney World Essentials


Little White Boats


Preppy Monday


Greek Getaway with KORRES

Vacation time is just around the corner for me and I am hitting 3 different locations this summer, so I need to be very smart and efficient in my packing arrangement.

I have recently been trying to involve more natural products in my routine and that's when KORRES entered my humble abode.


Casual Navy


My Strange Addiction : Zara

As many of you already know, I have a slight addiction


Many years ago, I fought this addiction and stayed sober for a while, but recently I fell off the bandwagon and got right back where it all started.

What made me crack......the Zara online store, now open to Canada.

If you are familiar with Zara (which I'm sure you are), when they do a sale, they do a mean sale. The store becomes a real souk, where you here people yelling, the dressing rooms are packed and the lineup at the cash register is till the end of the store.
Well, forget all this my dear friends, the online store makes life and the sale period so much better. You can purchase all your sale items online, try them on at home and return them in
store, with no worries or hassle. 

So you can imagine why I cracked !

Here are a few of my Zara sale picks that I either picked up or are still in my shopping basket :

What Zara items did you find in the sale ?

Enjoy !


The World of Cream Blushes

This year, I have plunged into a different world, the world of cream blushes. 
I have a normal to oily skin combination and I was very hesitant to take the plunge, but I did and I am darn happy about it. 


Grey Print

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