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Greek Getaway with KORRES

Vacation time is just around the corner for me and I am hitting 3 different locations this summer, so I need to be very smart and efficient in my packing arrangement.

I have recently been trying to involve more natural products in my routine and that's when KORRES entered my humble abode.

First of all, one item everybody needs (women or men) especially if you are going somewhere where you will be exposed to sunshine if an after sun cream or lotion. I do not leave on vacation without this type of product because trust me it saves you from looking like a lobster. The KORRES Yoghurt After-Sun Cooling Gel is a must. This gel made with Greek yoghurt will soothe any distressed skin caused by sun exposure.

Next, you need a nice blush that is an all-around color and that will match any makeup look. The KORRES Zea Mays Blush in Apricot adds the perfect radiance to your skin. The gorgeous coral color adds a bit of color and is very versatile. The product itself if very finely milled and I was very surprised to find out that it lasts a very long time on your skin, even with my normal-to-combination skin. After wearing this blush with a nice bronzer, my makeup looked very put at the end of the night. 

Following the blush, you need moisturized lips. KORRES offers lip butters such as this Mango Lip Butter which adds the perfect hint of color to your lips while keeping them buttery and soft. This KORRES Lip Butter is also very useful after sun exposure, it does not provide with SPF but it helps rehydrate and moisturize distressed lips after a day under the sun. 

Finally, to wipe all your makeup off, you need to pack the easiest product made for lazy girls :) 
''The face wipes". 

KORRES's Milk Proteins Wipes are a bit expensive but they do really remove all your makeup and leave your face so smooth and soft. I know face wipes are a big No-No in the beauty world but sometimes you just can't deal at the end of the night and at least I tell myself that if I use nice natural wipes, it's not as bad ! 

So here is a nice little KORRES version of what you can pack in your makeup and beauty kit for a nice tropical vacation.

P.S. My current KORRES Lust List : The Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial, I heard you apply this at night and wake up with a new face in the morning !

You can purchase KORRES makeup products & skincare at Sephora and only skincare at Shopper's DrugMart. 

Enjoy !



  1. Great post! I'm looking for more summer appropriate makeup/skincare items now that it's boiling hot here! I've only heard of the Korres Lip Butter... it sounds delicious in Mango!

    Have fun on your holiday dear! xx

    1. Sincerely, KORRES makes such nice makeup, it's just not spoken enough about. That blush lasted all day on my cheeks and I have heard the Mascara is amazing, you should check it out ! xoxo



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