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Something Sweet - Lise Watier

Who doesn't have a bit of Lise Watier in their makeup or skincare collection ? 

As many of you already know, Lise Watier is a montreal-based cosmetics company that has now spread internationally. Americans always research Lise Watier products and our European neighbours crave the brands recent must-haves.

One month ago, Lise Watier launched a nation wide contest to find the new face of their "Something Sweet" perfume.

This girl has to be ambitious, spirited, colourful, irresistible and lovely and I found my top pick : Miss Noémie Leduc-Vaudry

She is a young ambitious girl full of energy ready for the world to see her !

Check out her YouTube video here :

And take a second to vote for Noémie Leduc-Vaudry as the new face of "Something Sweet" Lise Watier perfume. You can vote everyday until June 8th right here : 

My sister and her use to play together when they were little girls and Noémie's energy always stood out.

Make her the new face of "Something Sweet" perfume for Lise Watier !

Enjoy !


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