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Printed Thursday

Sometimes casual is just the way to go and this trend of harem loose pants is right up my alley. If you know me, you know that one of my main concerns when I'm shopping is "comfort". I always need to try the pieces on to see how I feel. 
Can you tell I love pairing this denim shirt with a lot of printed pants. Denim brings the good casual feel to any outfit that could feel too loud or overbaring. 

Denim brings that good Canadian vibe !

I just can't stop wearing these Celine Audrey Sunglasses !
Pants  H&M | T-shirt Zara | Denim Shirt Zara | Loafers Aldo | Watch Michael Kors | Handbag Michael Kors | Sunglasses Celine

Here is a more dressed-up way of wearing these H&M printed pants.
Pants H&M | Tshirt OldNavy | Blazer Bedo | Handbag Longchamp | Heels Zara | Watch Michael Kors | Bracelet Ilycouture

Enjoy !



  1. I love this look! Are the pants a more silky feel?

    Ps. I'm in Ontario, where did you order your Celine glasses? I've been looking for a 'legit' site. Would love to know where you got yours.

    Haley x

    1. Hey ! No they are not silky, they are more of a cotton feel, that's why I love them so much. Uber comfy xoxo

  2. Love the print on those pants! Adds instant colour to an outfit. I'm all about comfort for shopping too, no heels for shopping definitely! xx

    1. Never heels ! I wear heels on nights out only xox

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