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Yosi Samra visits Montreal

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited by the wonderful girls at PonyRide distribution to an event at Billie Boutique in Montreal hosted by PonyRide and Soie Agency.

The famous shoes designer Yosi Samra was invited to display his summer 2013 shoe collection.

Yosi Samra launched his famous shoe line in 2009 and hasn't stopped ever since. Season after season, his shoes are being worn by Hollywood celebrities (Jessica Alba to Cindy Crawford to Eva Longoria) and fashionistas all over the world.

His famous touch : the classic comfy ballerina !

I had the great pleasure of talking with the designer himself and asking him a couple of questions :

What inspired you for the colors of the summer 2013 collection ?

We went with pastels, pastels are very strong this season, also a lot of neons.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes from this collection ?

This question is so hard to answer because I put so much work into every pair. This season we launched a new pair called the Erika with the strap, so my choice leans more toward that shoe.

What made you get into the shoe business ?

I come from a background of shoe business. My inspiration came from going out at night and seeing all the girls taking off their high heels and walking barefoot after a night out. That has been one of my main inspirations behind the creation of the Yosi Samra flats. My three main components when I started designing this shoe was style, comfort and quality.  I feel like presentation is everything and the wide choice of colors and styles, helps a girl pick and choose what she wants just like going to a candy shop !

Soie Agency, Billie Boutique, Yosi Samra & the Pony Ride Distribution team

More pictures from the event...
 Yosi Samra and Pascale Nadeau 

I have been walking in Yosi Samra shoes for a week now and let me tell you, comfort is definitely Yosi Samra's forté ! 

Enjoy !



Preppy Navy

This mint LuxeCraving necklace is everything for summer ! 

I recently discovered this Clarins Rouge Éclat Lipstick in 08 Coral Pink and I can't stop wearing. 

Obviously, when summer hits we tend to navigate toward coral's and flashy colors. This lipstick has a very calm effect to it that is perfect for everyday, it is so easy that you can apply it on your way out the door. I am definitely going to check out the other colors that are available in this Clarins line.

This Clarins Rouge Éclat lipstick retails for 27$CAN and you can find it at TheBay and any counters that carry you Clarins makeup range !

Blazer Zara | T-shirt H&M | Jeans OldNavy | Flats Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sunglasses Prada | Necklace LuxeCraving | Watch Michael Kors | Handbag Aldo

Enjoy !


Red Square

I had to show you guys my recent discovery, well it isn't a secret, it's the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square.
This color is perfection. I tend to go for more orangy-reds if I want a bold lip and this color is a gem. The formula on these is amazing, they do not dry out the lips like some other matte lipsticks. You know I already have my eye and many more colors. 

And obviously my amazing Audrey Silver-Smoke necklace by the wonderful Jenn from
You need to take a look at this jewelry store, all handmade by Jenn, classic pieces that brighten up any outfit. I obviously have a growing collection ;p

Blazer H&M, pants OldNavy, Tshirt American Apparel, Booties LittleBurgundy, Handbag Louis Vuitton, Watch & Bracelets Michael Kors, Sunglasses H&M, necklace EllandEmm

Many more fashion posts to come !


Elle Canada featurette !

Last week, I had the best ending a girl can ask for. 

I have been blogging for a year now and I have been loving it. Blogging for me is an absolute treat, I get to share my passion with so many of you and give you different tips and tricks.

I remember when I was young, I use to always gather up my mom and my sister after I came home from a trip to the mall to show them everything I got and the different outfits I could arrange with my new purchases. Now, I share this with you, all my loyal readers and subscribers and friends. 

I love getting in front of the computer and just writing what I feel like sharing, the newest trend, the craziest deal, the best find, from the makeup world to the fashion world. These worlds are and will always be a part of me.

You could imagine my happiness when I saw this last week :
April 29th, 2013

ELLE readers’ favourite Canadian style blogs

styleblogcarousel ELLE readers favourite Canadian style blogs
After listing our 8 favourite Canadian style blogs, we wanted to hear from you, dear readers, about your favourite online fashion personalities. Here’s who you charted as your top stylish Canadian blogs to check out right now! – Montreal (@KatierzH) - Toronto (@BieberLohan) – Halifax (@SeptembreA) – Toronto (@tash_liborio) – Kelowna, B.C.  (@tash_liborio) – Vancouver (@mariee_louise) – Fredericton ‏(@steffikay15) – Calgary ‏(@steffikay15) – Vancouver (@steffikay15) – Fredericton ‏(@steffikay15) - Toronto (@steffikay15) – Edmonton/Victoria (@MelanieLMorais) – Edmonton (@MelanieLMorais) – Calgary (@MelanieLMorais) – Toronto ‏(@CrystalGibson)

It pretty much sums it up and I just gave me even more fuel to continue with my passion. 

From flipping the pages of Vogue at age 4 to having my own blog at age 22+4. (Yes, this is how I roll, after 22, my best friend and I decided this is how we would count our age!), I want to take the time to thank you all deeply for all the kind comments and the encouragement. And to the many friends I made through the social medial outlets, such as Twitter and Instagram, thank you for supporting the crazy passion we pretty much all share !

Love you all so much !

P.S Only one from Quebec !



Spring Rituals featuring the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

Every Spring as soon as the sun comes out, I start feeling the lack of vitamin D on my skin.

Obviously, my face gets very white and pasty in the winter and is usually a couple of shades lighter than the rest of my body. I am quite sure a lot of people can relate to this, since we do not live in California weather, mother nature was very naughty this year and made us suffer till the very end.

Well, I think her job is done and that spring/summer is finally settling, which means we gotta get rid of the pastiness.

Enter my little ritual and my one and only trusty Face Self-Tanner. 

Okay, I am sure many of you are very very skeptical about self-tanners, well so was I, until I got my hands on the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning.

This product does not act like many other self-tanners with the streaking and the orange glow. The Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Lotion enhances your face by adding a very discrete gradual tan. Many of you might be asking yourself if this acts like the Jergens and Dove gradual lotions. Well not quite, but I would definitely say it's in between an actual face self-tanner and those lotions.

Once you apply the Clarins Self Tanning lotion you will see a slight difference the next morning, but nothing too drastic. But once it is applied regularly, you will definitely get a tan after consecutive use. 

How to apply : Before purchasing this product, I took the time to research the how-to's and here is the best method that suited my routine.

1- At night, after washing my face, I will apply my night serum, right now I am using the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C. I tried this little ritual with a couple of serums that I own but I found that this combination is the best one for my skin when I wanna add the Clarins Liquid Bronze Lotion on top. 

2- I will then follow by applying the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning with a cotton pad. Apply by being very consistent to the different regions of your face and DO NOT FORGET to bring it down to your neck. One blob (the size of a quarter) of product on the cotton pad is sufficient for a use. 

3- I won't apply any night time moisturizer since I find that the Clarins Lotion bring enough moisture to my face.

4- Repeat on consecutive nights for a more apparent tan or alternate nights for a gradual and more natural look. 

This product is a really good investment for people that want to beat the winter whites and obtain the J.Lo Glow.

The Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning retails for 36$CAN, you can get your hands on it at any counter that sells Clarins, such as Sephora, The Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Enjoy !


Saturday Hallway

Hello everyone ! 
I know I have been writing on here very sparingly and that's because I am currently finishing my internship and writing my final internship report/thesis. 

Thank you for sticking with, many posts will be up soon and new exciting collaborations. 

It's been already a year that I have had the pleasure to do what I love and the growth and success of my blog and all your positive feed backs have only made me want to push harder and do more. Once again I want to thank you for all the support !

Now enough with the rambling and here is the outfit !

 A casual Saturday night outfit for a restaurant outing. 

Leather Jacket Style Exchange (old), Sweater H&M, Coated Black Pants LeGarage, Scarf H&M, Trainers ASOS, Handbag Louis Vuitton, Earrings (old)

And the LIPS : NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg an absolute beauty !

 Now, I have always been a big fan of tartares but never had the opportunity to go to a restaurant that specializes in tartares, so that's where we went on Saturday with two of our amazing friends. We went to Marché 27, a tartare Bar where you have a different array of tartares and tartare styles, something for everyone.  Drool worthy !

We obviously wanted to try everything on the menu, so the perfect choice was this tasting plate filled with different styles of tartares. 

And who can say no to oysters !

Enjoy !


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