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Saturday Hallway

Hello everyone ! 
I know I have been writing on here very sparingly and that's because I am currently finishing my internship and writing my final internship report/thesis. 

Thank you for sticking with, many posts will be up soon and new exciting collaborations. 

It's been already a year that I have had the pleasure to do what I love and the growth and success of my blog and all your positive feed backs have only made me want to push harder and do more. Once again I want to thank you for all the support !

Now enough with the rambling and here is the outfit !

 A casual Saturday night outfit for a restaurant outing. 

Leather Jacket Style Exchange (old), Sweater H&M, Coated Black Pants LeGarage, Scarf H&M, Trainers ASOS, Handbag Louis Vuitton, Earrings (old)

And the LIPS : NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg an absolute beauty !

 Now, I have always been a big fan of tartares but never had the opportunity to go to a restaurant that specializes in tartares, so that's where we went on Saturday with two of our amazing friends. We went to Marché 27, a tartare Bar where you have a different array of tartares and tartare styles, something for everyone.  Drool worthy !

We obviously wanted to try everything on the menu, so the perfect choice was this tasting plate filled with different styles of tartares. 

And who can say no to oysters !

Enjoy !



  1. so pretty!! and how nice is Luxembourg!! one of my faves <3

    1. I know ! Did you get any more of the Satin Ones, I want new ones ;p

  2. great outfit! Love how your hair looks!

  3. Love the outfit - you look so edgy and chic! Congrats on being near finishing your internship/thesis! Are you graduating this year? Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see you post more after school's out! xx

    1. Thx doll ! I am, I cannot wait to finally have a taste of freedom and summer ;p


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