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Review : Real Techniques Brushes

A couple of months ago I was on a mission to find the perfect brushes, I browsed the MAC counter, the Sephora collection and I finally found my answer on You Tube.

I found the best - quality brushes - and with an even better price that won’t break the bank, the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman.
Samantha Chapman is actually a makeup artist that has a channel on You Tube named Pixiwoo where she teaches different makeup tutorials. She teamed up with the Real Techniques company to offer the ladies affordable and good quality brushes that give a high-definition effect. The Real Techniques brushes range from foundation brushes to blush brush to eye precision brushes.
My first thought was : Are these made with synthetic hair ? As many of you don’t know, synthetic hair does not shed, or barely sheds compared to natural hair brushes such as the ones sold at MAC cosmetics. It’s kind of ironic because you pay an arm and a leg for a MAC brush and you end up finding parts of it on your makeup or on your face. Then and there, Real Techniques was an obvious choice for me.

The first pack of Real Techniques brushes that I ordered is the Core Collection. The Core Collection consists of 4 brushes : the buffing brush, the foundation brush, the contour brush and the detailer brush.
To be honest I ordered this collection for the buffing brush only. This brush is pure gold, it blends everything perfectly from your tinted moisturizer to your foundation to your mineral powder, and it’s a must for your collection. You may find this funny but it certainly also minimizes the time you allow to fixing your face in the morning, which means, you can hit the snooze button more often !!!
These brushes are not available in Canada just yet, but you can always place an order on or on Ebay,  The price differs from the sellers on Amazon and on Ebay but the Core Collection retails between 17.99$ to 19.99$ US dollars.

A bargain for what you get !


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