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Bobbi Brown corrector !

It’s been months now that I’ve been on the look-out for something to hide my horrendous dark circles. Most of us have them and all we want is to get rid of them or hide them and fast please !!!
I ventured first to drugstore brands such as Maybelline and L’OrĂ©al and then visited the higher end brands such as Chanel and MAC, but nobody gave me the same effect as Bobbi Brown.
Bobbi Brown is a very popular brand that is unfortunately only sold now at Holt Renfrew and at Bobbi Brown is a makeup artist that started her own brand and with a goal to make simple and wearable makeup for the everyday gal.
I first heard about this product from fellow bloggers, they raved and raved about this following product and I didn’t understand what was so different from any other brands. Bobbi Brown actually came up with a corrector (not a concealer) that hides your very dear-to-your-heart dark circles. This corrector is either pink or peach based and these tones actually cancels and corrects the blueish or greenish undertones present in our dark circles, and that is Bobbi Brown’s secret. Most of us use a concealer that is close to our actual skin color or lighter for a bright effect to hide the dark circles, but most of these concealer’s have yellow undertones and do not cancel our dark circles.
The Bobbi Brown corrector is a total wake up call for your eyes. The minute the makeup artist applied it under my eye, my sister immediately saw a difference and told me my face was different, so I was sold.

The corrector is easily blendable ; I apply it with a concealer brush or even with my fingers as it helps to blend the product. Bobbi Brown advises to apply a concealer overtop the corrector, but trust me some days you won’t even need it, you can only apply the corrector and you are out the door. In the case where you want to apply the concealer just make sure you set these products with a face powder just so it can hold throughout your day.
The Bobbi Brown corrector retails at 30.00$ CAN on and at Holt Renfrew.
P.S. This corrector comes in 12 different shades, there's something for everybody !
Trust me just go try it on at the counter and you will see a difference.


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