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Lapiz of Luxury x Horace jewelry inclusive collection

If you've been a very long time reader of mine, you would know that in August 2016, I launched my first ever jewelry collection with my friends Horace Jewelry. It was absolute amazing and now, 5 years later, we decided to join forces once again to launch a second jewelry collection focused on inclusivity. You can shop it HERE now! 

Being a curvy girl, I always had a hard time finding good quality jewelry, especially necklaces, that were fit for my shape. I started Lapiz of Luxury to inspire women of all sizes to be courageous and confident in their fashion choices and to never back down when it comes to style. Launching this 2nd collection with Horace, it was very important for us to be inclusive and cater to everyone. 

This collection was inspired by my grandmother as she was the biggest influence in my life with the strength and confidence she always projected through her amazing fashion sense. I designed this collection around the Mélina earrings, which is inspired by her wedding band my grandfather gave her. 

The collection consists of 2 necklaces (the Yasmine and the Ani) that are 18 to 22 inches long and 3 earrings (The Mimi, the Mélina and the Coco) from a dainty one to a nice detailed hoop. 18k gold plated or .925 sterling silver plated, there is something for everyone.

Today, as I am bringing a little girl into this world, it is very important for me to teach her that EVERY woman deserves options and no limits. 

Shop the complete collection HERE

Enjoy xxx


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