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Playing hostess with Singleton of Dufftown Tailfire

It's already been a year since E and I have been living in our place and between work and all the travel we barely had the time to have our friends and family over for supper. This year, I am fully taking advantage of the holiday season to host our friends and family for some game nights or just simple suppers with good food and good drinks. First things first, being a good hostess always starts with what you’re greeting your guests with. For us, it starts with the drinks. We have a nice bar cart that we always keep full and we make sure to have a good selection of drinks on hand for our guests.

This year, we are starting the holiday season with a new discovery, Singleton of Dufftown Tailfire, which is now available in Canada. Some people like their whisky on the rocks, for example I know I need to serve my sister a nice glass of whisky over an ice ball. On the other hand, some people prefer it mixed into a sweet or savoury cocktail. Since it's the holiday season, we decided to prepare a new recipe we discovered, the Berry Jam Sour cocktail, featuring Singleton of Dufftown Tailfire for our guests. We love to test out new drinks every now and again, so this was perfect timing! The new single malt, Singleton of Dufftown Tailfire has an amazingly rich, fruity and juicy taste, which makes it such a great option for the holidays - I was so excited to try test out the Berry Jam Sour recipe: 

1 oz. fresh lemon juice 
0.5 oz. egg white 
0.5 oz. simple syrup 
1 teaspoon of mixed berry jam 

Dry shake all the ingredients. Add ice. Shake. Fine strain serve in old fashioned glass. Finish it off by garnishing with berries and mint.

We made this recipe for our friends last weekend and they all loved it. It was so easy and quick to make, a guaranteed success and now I’m ready for more holiday parties to come! As always, a reminder to please celebrate responsibly. Happy Holidays!

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