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Spa Eastman

FRI-YAY ! What better way to start the weekend than with a Spa excursion ?! Last month, after a long and hard semester, the boyfriend and I got invited to spend the day at the Spa Eastman in the Eastern Townships. The Spa Eastman is not like any spa, it is purely based on well-being, self-renewal and wellness. This Spa has a completely different vibe, it's all about resetting your mind, body and soul and being away from any stress factors. Unlike every spa with bath ritual, the Spa Eastman organizes stress-relief classes, such as nice long walks on their immense land, conferences on a healthy-living lifestyle, special water massages. Also, Spa Eastman offers hotel accommodation, so you can actual disconnect from life for a couple of days, no cell phone, no computers, no work. That Saturday morning, that's exactly what we did, we closed our phones and enjoyed nature and our inner-calm. For lunch, we had an amazing meal at the in-house Spa Eastman restaurant that serves only-organic, gluten-free and dairy-free meals and let me tell you, we couldn't even tell the difference. The food was absolutely delicious. All in all, the boyfriend and I adored our experience and will surely be back. Every couple of months, you need to disconnect from life, refresh and start new and you don't need to travel 500 miles to do so, we have little gems hidden in our province like the Spa Eastman.

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