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Mackage SS15

Hi everyone ! I'm so happy to be back to a regular blogging schedule. I will try my best to publish something every day of the week for you guys. I am back to school and this time, I'm once again the student. Going back to finish my Masters and maybe considering a PhD in the near future. Education is a subject that really interest me and I truly want to try to make a difference. This semester, for now, I will not be teaching as the registrations decreased, so I'm focusing on University and my blog. 

Back to the fashion world. Last month, I had the pleasure of having a private tour of the Mackage showroom and let me tell you, I saw some beautiful things. I've put together for you the best of the best of the Spring Summer 2015 pieces from Mackage. I fell in love with the women's collection and the boyfriend basically tried on every piece of the men's collection. As you can see, color is of the essence in this collection and you know that color is definitely my cup of tea, my signature. I also feel like, structure is a Mackage signature. Each piece is carefully crafted and structured and falls really well on the body. I completely fell head over heels for the gorgeous Mackage Rubie handbag. 

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