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For the men in your life

Are you the last minute Christmas shopper ? I know I am. What do you get your boyfriend, dad, uncle or grandpa for Christmas, if you are the perfect procrastinator ? Perfume. In my little world, my dad is the perfect gift giving person, he's always so surprised and happy when I get him perfume, almost every year ;p Today is the 24th of December, you know the stores will be crazy but for perfume, you can always pass by your local pharmacy for a nice perfume box set. 

My top 3 choices for the men in your life.
Burberry Brit - For the man in his 20's - boyfriend, friend, brother ; the perfect sexy scent that lingers on all day. You can never go wrong with a Burberry perfume, the quality is just unmistakable.

Mont Blanc Legend - For the man in his 30's - A nice mature manly scent, perfect for dad or husband. 

Azzaro Pour Homme - For the man in his 40's - The perfect perfume for your dad, mine doesn't know yet but that's definitely part of his gift this year. 

Obviously, this is my take of these 3 classic perfumes but you can surely find so many options at your local pharmacy. 

Can you guess which one my better-half prefers ?

Happy last minute shopping ! 

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